The New Rishonnomic Player List

Last Update: 1/22/99
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"Missing" indicates missing players as per RC326.

PlayerPoints Bonus VotesRemarks
Andrew Stefanski [Treasurer], [Governer of Koljiana] 390
Benj Hamilton [Member of Council of Koljiana] 11
Dan Knapp [Cartographer, Speaker, IN Liaison], [Member of Council of Koljiana] 42.50
Frank Schmidt 20missing
Klaus Herrmanns (Kolja) [Pointer], [Member of Council of Koljiana] 5014winner games 1, 2
Michal Kaczmarek [Member of Council of Koljiana] 60
Thad Frogley 40
Former Players
Andre Engels (37)
Charles E. Carrol (Chuck) (24)
Jason Grace 150
Dirk Pullem 00
Lance Brown 00

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