New Rishonnomic Index to Logical Ruleset

Last Update: 1/13/99, by P507-P511
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1. Basics
307/307m: The name of the game
101/101i: Obey the rules
116/116i: Nomic freedom
372/372m: Holidays
519/494m: Vacation Time
398/393m: [Entities] A rose is a rose is a rose
401/397m: Other nomics [and some Entities]
494/476m: Call For Permanence

2. Players, and the Speaker
103/103i: Participants
464/439m: Timing of Player actions
323/323m: Joining the game
326/393m: Missing players
444/454m: Suspending Players
447/443m: Abandoning players
104/504i: The Speaker
218/218m: [The Speaker's Duties]
310/310m: The Speaker's Salary
352/374m: Points of Order
459/436m: Ratification of reports
517/501m: Removal From Office

3a. Rules, and Precedence
114/114i: [Playable Ruleset]
102/102i: [Mutable and Immutable]
409/400m: [Whitespace]
496/479m: Spelling/Grammar
334/369m: [Rule/Proposal Numbers]
111/111i: [Inter-Mutability Precedence]
212/212m: [Intra-Mutability Precedence]

3b. Rule Changes
487A/456m: Definition
377/381m: [No Weird Proposals]
487B/457m: Proposal States
487C/458m: State Changes
498/480m: Proposal Resolution Timing
487D/459m: Player Actions
509/592m: Proposal Queue
487E/493m: Submission Restrictions
489/500m: Proposal Thievery
487F/461m: Proposal Retraction
487G/462m: Voting Period
487H/496m: Voting Basics
487I/464m: Voting Privacy
487J/465m: Number of Votes
487K/466m: Usage of Additional Votes
487L/467m: Bonus Votes
487M/468m: Purchasing Votes
487N/469m: Quorum
487O/470m: Required Votes
487P/471m: Proposal Comments
115/115i: [Permissibility of Self-Reference]
107/107i: [Requirement of Formalization]
466/433m: [Format of Proposals]
106/106i: [Proposal Adoption]
110/110i: [Transmutations Require Unanimity]
108/108i: [Impermissibility of Retroactivity]

4. Calling for Judgement
213/213m: [CFJs]
214/490m: [Selection of Judges]
508A/489m: Official Judge
215/215m: [Return of Judgements]
216/216m: [Judgements]
217/217m: [Considerations in Judging]
508B/491m: CFJ Scoring

5. Points, and Ways to Win
113/113i: Penalty limitations
325/418m: Winning by Score
373A/508m: The Pointer
373B/439m: The Pointer's Salary
202/202m: Conservation of scores
317/455m: Rewards for voting and proposing
393/392m: Point rot
329/329m: [Bonus for Referring Players]
219/380m: Win by paradox

6. Inter-Nomic Activities
522/507m: Inter-Nomic Treaty Organization

7. Rishonnes
360A/379m: Rishonnes
385/395m: The Bank
373C/509m: The Treasurer
364/366m: The Treasurer's Salary
380/382m: R$ for new players
360B/391m: R$ reward for adopted proposals
415/417m: Taxes

8. The Map
488/461m: Local Governments
408/497m: Maps
513/498m: Map Type Definitions
412B/499m: The Cartographer
463/505m: The Gnomes
521/506m: Gnome Brains
477/440m: The World

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