Dan Marsh on 3 May 2002 19:11:47 -0000

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RE: [nbd] DRAFT of a proposal regarding a Nomic Secretary

(By the way, David, can a "Reply-To:" line be added to the mail coming from 
the list?)

>From: "Dickens, David" <David.Dickens@pepperdine.edu>
>I have only one comment.  How about splitting it into two laws, even
>NomicOffice(, NomicElections optional) and NomicSecretary.  There may be
>other offices and other elections and I think it might be good to
>standardize the rules for each.

I think that might also be good ... I tend to shy away from omnibus rules 
and splitting it helps me, too.  (I've also found that omnibus -proposals- 
are bad; if somebody doesn't like section 824(b)(iv), he votes the whole 
thing down.)

Does anyone have the expertise to design a mailbot or web-based voting 
system?  That frees up some of the secretary's duties.  (That's one nice 
think about Yahoo! groups, there's a polling system in place.)


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