Tom Ogas on 3 May 2002 21:01:14 -0000

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RE: [nbd] DRAFT of a proposal regarding a Nomic Secretary

We COULD spend 2 weeks making this proposal into 3 rules ... I'd likely get more
points that way by getting lots of harmless proposals passed ... but I don't
think that it's prudent.  We need some means right now to keep track of votes and
points and the like before it gets out of hand.

This proposal creates that office and gives us a simple system to keep someone
doing the job.  Later on we can make a general elections rule, or make a general
rule about office holders.  This puppy can be amended at any time.  Right now I
just want to get this vital task covered.

Complaints seem to be that players /would like/ to see this as three rules, but
are you guys saying that you *will not* vote for it as proposed?


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