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Re: Proposal 45

by les at 06/10/05 5:32 AM

Ok after reading it again "the aggressor will inflict double the damage" does sound a shade ambigous, but having stated that the victim (or target of the spell) has inflicted half of the aggessor's damage, the second part is that the "spell" does the inflicting of "double the damage" upon "the aggressor".

The last statment of the spell says "Damage is defined as causing a player's hit points to be reduced by any action except by instances of this spell". This means NO INFINITE LOOPS.

And yes, causing damage to yourself will do half plus double. If you were real Non-Combative why have you got a fireball? and of course the double damage is caused from the spell so no infinite loop.

Perhaps you should read all of the proposal before commenting.

I voted against rewarding proposals previously too, in fact I have Proposal #38 to ammend that situation.