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Re: Proposal 45

by The Founder at 04/10/05 5:25 PM

Actually, the proof (or disproof) of both statements is ultimately up to the Admin. But I digress.

Yes, I saw the exact same issues crop up. Also, since the target is in fact a square, if the aggressor is on the same square, the aggressor will also benefit from NCP. Which brings up another couple of points: "range" has not been defined in a general sense, so it should be clarified in the spell (or if people want to make more use of it, possibly in a rule proposal). If "range: current square" means what I think it does, then the current square of the caster is the target of the spell, and so NCP only prevents damage to the square itself, not the players occupying the square.

I think there's far too many errors and too much vagueness for me to vote yes on this one either.

As for your vocality, it's a good thing. After all, without vocal players, issues such as these would never get mentioned. Concerning the incentive to vote yes, that's why I oppose the system (and voted against it): it rewards people for making bad (or at least error-filled) proposals, and for voting yes on those proposals.