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Proposal 45

by Le Roc at 04/10/05 3:13 PM

I've been kinda vocal recently. There are probably two reasons for this. First, I finally got internet access in my apartment. I moved shortly before the beginning of the game and it took a long time for me to get internet access. I don't mean to sound harsh or mean but some of these proposals recently seem to have what I see as flaws in them that are concerning to me. I expect this is due to the current situation where getting proposals passed is strongly rewarded. I am not intending this at anyone in particular, but please read your proposals carefully before you post them. This benefits you since you don't get your XP if the proposal fails.

Anyways, I'm concerned about a couple things in proposal 45. First:
Any damage inflicted upon the target will be halved and the aggressor will inflict double the damage.

The problem to me is that the rule doesn't specify where the aggressor will inflict the damage. I expect given the name of the spell that it was intended the double damage be dealt to the aggressor not that the aggressor inflict double the damage on who knows where.

Second, assuming that my first concern is accounted for and the aggressor is dealt the damage, in the event that either two people have Non-Combatant Protection (NCP) running that they each cast themselves and one damages the other, or a player has NCP and damages themselves the game will lock in infinite loop.
I'll examine case two first then talk about case one.
I have put NCP on myself. Then lets say I cast ignite but forget to throw the fireball for 8 hours. I would take 2 damage, except since it was my action of casting Ignite that caused me to take damage I would appear to be both the aggressor and target. Hence I would take 1 damage from the fireball (half damage). Then I would be dealt 4 damage for doing 2 damage to someone whom has NCP. But since I'm under a NCP I will take only 2 damage. Then NCP will try to deal 8 damage to me, etc.. Since I don't see any cause for this process to end, becoming disabled does not impact this type of thing, I will take exponentially growing damage forever and the game will lock in infinite loop.
The first case (2 people each with NCP on them) works effectively the same way except that the damage bounces back and forth between the players. The game will still lock though. The proof of this statement is left to the reader as an exercise (Sorry couldn't resist).
I like the idea in general though. A shield spell is a good idea. I'd like to be able to vote yes, however until what I think of as problems are resolved I am unable to do so.