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Re: Unable to buy a square

by Jeff at 23/09/05 3:52 AM

The time limit is there simply because there is no other way to enfore an "If A, you may do B" type of rule. I realize it's not in the rules, but any options that are triggered by an event that happens at a discrete point in time have to be done this way. (After all, it's impossible to specify the intent to do so at the exact same time as rolling, given the nature of web pages and zillions of things that could go wrong). I strongly recommend that all players read any comments after a proposal, as this is the way I will be explaining implementation details for a proposal.

Since 10 minutes does not seem to be enough, I have increased the time limit to 30 minutes. rob, please give me a name for Square #19 and I will give you ownership of it.