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Re: Unable to buy a square

by The Founder at 23/09/05 3:32 AM

rob, if you check the comments after Proposal #16 (the one enabling ownership), it says that there is a 10 minute time limit on dependent actions (such as buying a square when you land on it and are able to).

But this does bring up a good point Jeff. Nowhere in the rules is this time limit specified, and there is no obligation to a player to read comments on the dead rules. As such, I think that the limit should be added to the rules, and rob should be allowed to buy the square (let him do it by e-mail, or give him a big yellow message and 10 minute time limit on his next login). After all, while 10 minutes is long enough that time outs shouldn't really occur (unless, as rob stated, you're trying to read through the rules carefully during that time), there's no reason players should have known about this unless they like to read your comments.