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givaways I guess
Posted on February 22, 2005 at 06:57:11 PM by kwijibo

In case no one has noticed ChinDoGu has a way of pretty much garanteeing a win in the game as of now.
He owns Blackjack. There is a hospital on Blackjack. He owns a car. He only needs to put a gas station on Blackjack and he has the game.

I let ChinDoGu do this for several weeks and gain alot. and I mean alot of money and then found out he lent the square that led to my distruction. He had originally owned blackjack and I am guessing had this in mind for it.

Here is how it works
Each week he makes sure he votes yes to at least get a card or so. Then he rolls or takes his turn gaining additional cards. He then uses his car and drives to Blackjack trades in a 21 each week and gains more money. Since he owns the square he pays no rent and gains 15 heath because of the hospital. This leads him to a 30% increase in his money and 15 more health. In 2 weeks he will be he equivalent of unstopable. All he needs is to build anti-missle and reduce the risk of a ICBM hitting to 30 % and he is set to win the game.

I tried this week to stop him and the 4 pokeballs failed to get a skunk there to set the timebomb to kill him. Now I am unable to stop him and unable to buy or trade for more timebombs so I am giving the info out.