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Re(2): givaways I guess
Posted on February 22, 2005 at 07:40:07 PM by ChinDoGu

If only it was so easy. I have been eating into my supply of cards in order to keep getting the blackjacks. The ods of me being able to keep doing it every update for more than the next 2 or three are QUITE LOW.

The only way I have to draw more cards (other than proposals) is rolling doubles, which I cant control.

If i was trying to win the game, I would have kept an ICBM silo and nuked every other possible place to build missiles. I had 2 earlier remember.

Yes I have a nice amount of money rolling in... mostly from my rent. But that from cashing my resources in. Ive been aiming towards exactly what I have since the great nuking to stop someone from winning. My profits here are about to level out, as I will no longer be able to pay for my blackjacks... I waited till i had enough to establish my squares.

Stop pointing at me as the threat... Youve been trying to turn us all against each other all game.. And no you acuse people of an aliance baed upon the timeing of a proposal. Mabey (s)he didnt think of it till then?

I can tell you now, I have not colluded with anyone. The extent of my collusions is making deals to trade for squares et al, and PUBLIC postings here asking people to vote against certian proposals.

Im making a profit without using any loopholes. If you look at others, youll find there stocking up to abuse holes they know of in the rules, which will be instant "win the game" abuses.

And no. I dont know what these holes are. I spotted one. And stopped it. You keep claiming you see all these loopholes, prove it. Exploit block them now.