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Proposal #27

Tivol, March 18th

Change 5a to read "The game shall include a collection of numbered, ordered squares and a collection of unordered, unnumbered circles known as the board."

Change 5b to read "Each player occupies either exactly one square or exactly one circle."

Change the start of 7b ("When a player takes a turn...") to read "When a player on a square takes a turn..."

Modify the start of rule 17a to read "Tyrethali's Inferno is a circle. The Admin felt the need for such a place in case the infamous 'Warp Factor 10' loophole was uncovered. Players may be put there by the Admin..."

Modify rule 18a to read "There is a circle known as Heaven. Any palyer who is a member of a faith may jump to Heaven by spending an amount of cash equal to the current number of verses in the universe." Rename section 18 of the rules as "Heaven", with the E's instead of two A's.

Modify any other recently accepted rule which allows the monstrosity of unnumbered, unordered squares to instead deal with the pleasant, appealing circles.
Decision: Approved.


Admin, March 18th
For Tivol: Rolls: (3,3,4) Lands on Number Ten (#10). Gains $8, Pays The Racecar $2. Lands on square #17 (owned), gains $16. (net +$22)

Proposal #28

The Racecar, March 19th
A player who is on heaven may move off heaven to any square on the board on their next turn
Decision: Denied.

Proposal #29

Tivol, March 19th
. Modify the first point of Rule 9a to read "The first square, Origon, is in the northwest corner of the Horizon of the Universe." Create a new Rule 17b which reads "Tyrethali's Inferno is directly below Origon." Create a new Rule 18b which reads "Heaven is directly above Origon."
Decision: Approved.


, March 19th
.For The Racecar Roll: (5,5,4) = 10. Lands on al Sin (#2). Gains $19, pays JT $2. Rolls (1,6) Lands on square #9. Froms religion Fundamentalism which worships the board.

For Tivol: Roll: (2,1,5) = 7. Lands on Number Five (#5). Gains $7. Pays The Racecar $2.