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  1. Administration
    1. The position of "the admin" is held by me (Joel Ricker,
    2. The admin is responsible for maintaining and publishing: a history of player submissions and their moves; the status of the board and the dice; and the ruleset and its consequences.
    3. The admin owns and rolls two fair six-sided dice.
    4. The admin may edit player's submissions to make them suitable for publishing as long as their meaning is preserved. Such changes can include adding HTML tags and correcting typos.
    5. The decision of the admin is final.
  2. Players
    1. Anyone may join the game and become a player by informing the admin.
    2. Each player must have a unique email address and a unique name that will not confuse or annoy the game's community.
    3. The admin is not considered to be a player.
  3. Ending The Game
    1. The game will end immediately (and perhaps drastically) should the admin ever receive serious and unreconcilible legal threats from the manufacturer of a board game.
  4. The Board
    1. The game shall include a collection of numbered, ordered squares known as the board.
    2. Each player occupies exactly one square. There is no limit to the number of players that may occupy the same square.
    3. Players will be moved from one square to another during the game. A move from one square to the next sequential square shall be known as "advancing"; all other moves are "jumps".
  5. Turns
    1. When a player takes a turn, the admin rolls two dice for her and advances her once for each pip shown on the dice.
    2. If the dice show doubles, the player earns another turn to be taken immediately.
  6. Square One
    1. The first square shall be known as Square One.
    2. All new players begin the game on Square One.
    3. If a player on the last square is required to advance, that player immediately moves to Square One; that move is still considered an advance.
  7. Proposals
    1. Players may propose to add new rules or change the existing rules of the game by submitting a proposal to the admin.
    2. If a player submits a proposal while another of her proposals is still undecided, then the later proposal wholly replaces the earlier one.
    3. The admin will judge all properly submitted proposals, accepting or rejecting them. If a proposal is accepted, the admin will then alter the game state to implement all of the proposal's changes.
    4. When a player's proposal is judged by the admin, that player will take a turn.