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Week 9
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Initial Stuff
Tivol First, the bland action things:

Then, the results of Government Page things:

Proposal 177

The Non-Profit-Organizations are up in arms about the number of people using their designated color to color non-Non-Profit-Organization squares! For each square that a non-Non-Profit-Organization entity (members of Non-Profit-Organizations are not themselves Non-Profit-Organizations!) owns which is a Non-Profit-Organization color (ie White) pays $50 per week to the Non-Profit-Organizations, which (being Non-Profit) they immediately distribute as evenly as possible to their members.

Current Non-Profit-Organizations include the WETHAs and the Freemasons, but not the Teams, the Government, or the Corporation. The Non-Profit-Organizations divide up the money amongst themselves based on membership. So if there are 23 Freemasons and 2 WETHAs, each gets $2. If one of the WETHAs is also a Freemason, that person gets $2 from each group.

Aside: I'll get all those squares colored yet!

Accepted. While I don't like to think of the Freemasons as an organization, but, rather, a collection of players without an organization, I can see that your plan is to not only get every square colored but to remove the Teams rules. Well, good luck with both, I guess. As long as you can keep trying in sneaky ways like this, it might even work.

Pit Bull

A proposal was made which is replaced by a later proposal.

Proposal 178

I propose that when WETHA tries to take a square that is colored in corporate colors, WETHA *MUST* pay that player twice (2:1) it's value (including stores, etc.) with 1/4 of that total price (1:4) (as payoff) going directly to the corporation. A player that loses her property shall be allowed to retake it from WETHA by declaring Martial Law on that square which overpowers the Anarckist regime allowing said player to retake her property by paying the corporation its valued price (1:1). A property taken by WETHA shall not be available to other players in its queue until one week has passed to allow the original owner to retake ownership. Why be a part of the corporation if you can't be protected by it...

Rejected. The inherent Anarcky supported by the WETHA is one that tries to break down concepts of ownership and wealth and all that. Or something.

Proposal 179

The "Elephant" was a hoax. The actual escapee from the Zoo was Ralph the Wonder Llama. Nothing else about the "elephant" is wrong, though.

Complete waste of time.

Proposal 180

Sometime in June (or possibly some other date) a Tornado is predicted for Nomopoly. If Nomopoly is not sheltered from the Tornado by then, then
a) All trees will be ripped out of the ground.
b) All squares not anchored by being named or specified by formula or number in the rules will be randomly swapped with each other.
c) Every piece and player will be moved to a random square.
d) Finally, in the resulting confusion, all business including the Government, the Corporation, all stores and utilities, and the Admin will shut down to reorganize for the summer. During that period no Actions may take place and no turns will be taken.
Nomopoly might be sheltered by finding an Acting-Admin and a temporary website.

Accepted into a new section. I'll post weather reports when the time comes.

Proposal 181

(Grand Unification Proposal)
After each Candyland Phase, the position of the Phantom Piece will have an impact on the status of the game, dependent upon the Corporate /Government Vice/Virtue of the square (if it is on a white square, nothing happens). The impacts are as follows:

Any or all of the figures may be amended when the Admin sees fit.

Accepted. I like this a lot; these are some good things to have happen. You were kinda hoping I accepted those two proposals last week, huh? The association of colors with meanings will be moved to the section about the Phantom Piece.

Proposal 182

Invoke an ongoing Constitutional Convention as part of The Government Page, where rule changes can be proposed and voted on by registered voters. A two-thirds majority of Yea votes causes the rule change to be implemented. The Admin is considered a registered voter in the Constitutional Convention.

Any registered voter, including the Admin, may make a proposal to the Constitutional Convention. A proposal may be withdrawn by its proposer prior to passage or failure.

Rejected. I don't want players making rule changes without going through me. Anyone who thinks a proposal might pass after seeing the last round of voting would probably feel better running it by me and getting some bonus points for it. I don't see a big need or use for this as a rule.

Proposal 183

No player with a Bad Credit Rating may win the game.


Dan Sanderson

A proposal was made which is replaced by a later proposal.

Proposal 184

In section VI, The Board, strike rule 8. That rule states that only government proposals can create new squares. It's only contradicted by about 15 other rules, including one created by the same proposal that made it, and has only been violated about 7 times already, but nevertheless, I feel we might want to remove it.

Rejected. Rules and actions are adding squares to the board, not proposals. One can propose a rule which states, "Every time Bob makes a proposal, a new square will be made," and it will be due to the rule being activated, not due to the proposal being accepted, that the new squares will be created. A proposal of the form, "There is a new square on the board called the Jail and anyone who lands there blah blah..." will add rules about a square, but the passage of the proposal itself it what causes the square's creation; it is these proposals which are illegal. Got it? Ok.

Proposal 185
Pit Bull

A way to inflict pain and get hurt is suicide. A player committing suicide splits all his money between all the members of his team, including himself. Freemasons hide their money in the magic Kazoo, which gives it to the player playing it next. Note that the player still lives after commiting suicide, but is considered to be hurt.

Accepted. I love the first sentence. This isn't really the same as quitting, which might be a nice feature, but it is a good way to cripple oneself financially. Not so sure "Suicide" is the best name for it. Oh well.

Proposal 186

WETHA cannot take any property that is directly stated in the rules or that contains a jumpgate (this will eliminate problems with jumpgates, special spaces, etc...)


Proposal 187

The Tractor Beam Store is now open! Yes, The Tractor Beam Store, where you can buy Tractor Beams, Tractor Beam Destroyers, and Tractor Beam Insurance for the prices listed in the Rules, 10% of which goes to me and the rest going to the Corporation.

Accepted. Actually, Josh, none of the money needs to go to The Corporation. I'll be nice and let you have it.

Proposal 188

The Admin is getting his hands on everyone's money to ensure that sooner or later people run out of it and we have a winner. Every week, all players (after the Grand Unification Phase if it exists, or after the Candyland Phase otherwise) pay $100 into the SBA. If the SBA reaches $15000, then the game is declared over. All shares are sold for $2 each, all properties sold for market value, and the player with the most cash wins.

Rejected. Right now we have a whole lot of requirements on being a potential winner and a whole lot of little triggering events that can cause someone fulfilling all the requirements to become a potential winner. I'd rather see those becomer tidier, easier, or perhaps even possible instead of just making a default way to end the game and win.

Proposal 189

Any player who has a Bad Credit Rating may spend $200 to hire a Corporate Credit Scrubber to remove the Bad Credit Rating.


Proposal 190
Dan Sanderson

Modify section III. Winning to include: If at the end of a week, a player has more money than the Government and the Corporation combined, she will be named a potential winner.

Accepted. Sure, we'll add another clause. Unlike Proposal 188, this fits with the other rules instead of short-circuiting them. Still, cleaning up the ruleset might be nice.

Proposal 191

Create a new product, patent held by Vynd through the Government, called a Small shiny object. Small shiny objects are Fascinating. Any player, when called upon to pay another player rent, Jumpgate tolls, Utility fees, or other costs incured by landing on or passing through a square, may instead give that player a Small shiny object. Small shiny objects are for sale at The Carnival (repackaged as Cheap Plastic Coins) at a cost of $50, $10 of which going to the patent holder (Vynd).

Accepted. You have two weeks.

Proposal 192

Yes, folks, April Fools Day is now passed, but that's no reason to not prepare for next year. Here at Geppetto's Toy Shoppe we have the finest of products to amaze, amuse and dazzle the most staid and humdrum associate. So come on down and stock up on some of these fine amusements...

Disguise Kit: Great for masquerade balls, Halloween parties, or just good clean fun, this lets any player disguise himself as any other player. Visit shops, utilities, jumpgates, zoos and other places, and watch all your bills go to someone else! Loads of laughs! (Consumer's Note: Disguise has been known to dissolve with time (the end of the update in which it's used) and perspiration ($500 in bills against the target). Also, squares purchased or options to buy squares obtained go to the target player rather than the disguised one.) Available for only $200. (Patent held by Geppetto.)

Fake Vomit: It looks real, it smells real, it even (for those who dare) FEELS real. Just drop this in a square and watch players who land there get Sick! Great fun! Available for only $50. (Patent held by Geppetto.)

Geppetto's Toy Shop Presents...Gremlins: They're cute, they're furry, they're curious, and they're VERY good with machines. Just let them out of their titanium cage next to a machine, step back and WATCH THE FUN! That machine guaranteed WILL NOT WORK when they're done with it. Works on any machinery, including (but not limited to) jumpgates, taxicabs, bots (unless the bot is delivering the gremlins in their cage), surgeon suits, blockbuster bombs, da speedsta, tractor beams, warp bubbles, radar detectors, AND MORE! Take home a pair for only $150. (Patent held by Geppetto.)

Accepted. Gremlins seem incredibly powerful; I hope my wording and interpretation isn't what added all the power.

Proposal 193
Pit Bull

The Corporation shall have a board that consists of all players owning at least 5%. The player(s) owning the largest number of shares will be named President of the Corporation. All members of the board shall have the right to veto all proposals that directly affect the Corporation in one updates time.

Proposals whose effects earn money for the corporation stay in effect while not vetoed, proposals that may cost the corporation money stay ineffective until the chance to veto them has passed. The admin may declare proposals to be exempt from this rule(like rules clarifications).

Rejected. My first thought was "Oh my God-- a second board!" Too many proposals affect The Corporation, and I don't want to stop the game waiting to hear if a veto was made. It's not always easy to reverse the acceptance of a proposal, either, even just in terms of reverting the text of the rule.

Proposal 194
Dan Sanderson

For a fee of $1000 plus the cost of paint, the GIPPer will paint the elephant. Once painted, if the elephant rolls a 6, not only will she remove all the coatings of the square, but she will also paint the square the color it (the elephant) was painted. The elephant cannot be Tefflonized. That'd be cruel.

Accepted. This is kinda silly. Cool. The Elephant is initially White.


The Pseudoplayers:

Now, the real players: Now the CL phase: Lastly, the Phantom Piece is on Fuchsia, for Taxation, so each player will pay $800 to The Government. Wow. Okay, I'll run through the Freemasons, then members of each Team in this order: North, South, East, West. Within a Team, ordering will be random. That was fun! Everyone who had to pay becomes Sick (except for the one who was already Sick) due to a rule which I'll let you have fun trying to find.

Dispute 1 Judgement

Vynd and Pit Bull agree to using the Government Courts. Vynd can pay the $150 Court fee, but Pit Bull cannot. Pit Bull's need for $150 causes Cyberspazz's need for $49 which causes Pit Bull's need for $17 which causes Cyberspazz's need for $5 which causes Pit Bull's need for $2. So Pit Bull's Teammates pay him $1 each so that Cyberspazz's Teammates can pay him $2 each so that Pit Bull's Teammates can pay him $6 each so that Cyberspazz's Teammates can pay him $17 each so that Pit Bull's Teammates can pay him $50 each. (Tee-hee: Pit Bull went from $0 to $2 with that transaction.)

Now, the judgement: Vynd's proposal was utterly valid, yet really cheesy and the sort of thing I really can't abide in Nomic games. I think proposals that award those who vote in its favor are utterly lame. Sorry about that. Vynd is fined $1000.

Vynd, a Freemason, cannot pay the fine and has no friendly Teammates to help him out. The Government buys every one of Vynd's squares, paying him market value ($1150 total).

Dead Products

Colorful Balloons, Greasy Carnival Food, the Radar Detector, the Suntan, Da Red Speedsta, Da Fuel-Pakk, the Surgeon's Suit, the Tractor Beam, the Tractor Beam Blocker, the Tractor Beam Insurance, and the Weighted Die all disappeared at the beginning of the week. All references to the rule which caused this deletion have been removed along with the Products, according to its specification.

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