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Week 8
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This may be somewhat confusing, but we'll munge our way through it.

And now, some Goverment Page stuff...

Proposal 144
Pit Bull

The power of the admin to settle disputes between players in a governmental court is transferred to the Person holding the job of Judge of Disputes.

Every player will be allowed to bribe the Judge of Disputes to vote Aye or Nay.

The Judge of Disputes may take the following actions:

Regardless of his decision, the bribes for the side loosing the dispute go to the government, while the bribes of the winning side are split equally among The Judge o.D. and the loosing side.

If the Judge of Disputes fails to submit a ruling or the office is vacant, the admin decides and all bribes go to the Goverment. A player may not execute the power of Justice of Disputes in two consecutive turns, and is removed from office after a settled disputes.

Rejected. This is a great way to make a new job (see why I didn't keep the 75%-of-collected-fees clause?), but I'm afraid that it's too easy for there to be a conflict of interest; simply bid high one week and file a Dispute, and you can recoup your losses easily.

Proposal 145
The 34th Veil

If, at any time in the game, a person who owns a square that is named wishes to rename the square they must pay $15 to all the players, and the Gov't, and the Corp. Then they shall be allowed to rename the square.
If a player wishes to rename the square AGAIN, they must pay $30 to all the players, and the Gov't, and the Corp. Then they shall be allowed to rename the square.
If a player wishes to rename a square for a THIRD time, they must pay $100 to all the players, and the Gov't, and the Corp. Then they shall be allowed to rename the square.
If a player wishes to rename a square for a FOURTH time, they incur the wrath of all the players on the board and become a Freemason. Then they ssall be allowed to rename the square.
If a player wishes to rename a square for a FIFTH time, the square is automatically destroyed forever, saving everyone from the punishment of renaming a square a Sixth time...

Accepted. This is an expensive way to destroy a square, but I can see its charm.

Proposal 146

During any players movement, if a 7 or 11 are rolled on the first turn, that player immediately earns $100 Nomopoly dollars, and is moved double the distance either 14 or 22 squares. If the 7 or 11 are rolled on the second or subsequent turns (ie, after doubles) that player will be fined $50 dollars and the movement of either 7 or 11 squares will be backwards rather than forwards. Moving onto or through Square 1 in this manner does not count for recieving $400 Nomopoly dollars (since they are moving backwards). When moving backwards, a player moves from the square to it's predecessor or to the last square on the board if the current square has no predecessor.

Accepted. "Successor" and "predecessor" are officially defined in the Board section, saving some more space.

Proposal 147
Dan Sanderson

The Admin shall have a mailto: hypertext link in Nomopoly II's WWW navigation bar, located at the top and bottom of each Nomopoly II web page.

Accepted. It's a cheesy proposal, but okay. By the way, some versions of what I'm assuming is Netscape like to send messages with both the normal text version and an ugly-to-read HTML version mulri-part-packed into one message. If I get one of these, I'll ask the sender to try to stop doing that to me.

Proposal 148

If a player is ever forced to pay or lose more money than that player has, she is bankrupt. When a player becomes bankrupt, the Government shall seize the most valuable square that player owns, paying the bankrupt player it's market value. The Government shall continue to seize the bankrupt player's most valuable remaning square until one of two things occurs: A) The player has enough money to pay the money she owes. If this occurs, seizure of property stops, the player pays her debts, and she ceases to be bankrupt. B) All of the player's squares are seized and she still cannot pay off her debts. If this occurs, the money she does have is payed out to cover her debts in the order they were accrued. Any remaining debt is written off, and the player ceases to be bankrupt. The player is marked with a Bad Credit Rating, however. If the admin accepts this proposal, but doesn't like my new bankruptcy rule, he is encouraged to simply insert the "old" bankruptcy rule that predates Week 7, anything so long as the current rule on it is revoked.

Rejected. I'm keeping the bit about Teammates helping each other out, because I think it's a neat dynamic and find it unusually interesting to have a Nomic game where players have to try to help each other out. While this is a nice alternative to having a player lose all his properties at once, going Bankrupt in a game like this really ought to take a player out of contention for winning. I think it's good to be able to keep people in the game so that they can propose, but if someone loses all their cash, they really ought to be hit hard. And, yeah, when they get hit hard they take their Team down with them; that happens in some games.

Proposal 149

All non-white colors shall be associated with a Government or Corporation Virtue or Vice, as follows: [Corporate Virtues:] Red: Expansion, Orange: Bonus Issues
[Corporate Vices:] Yellow: Extortion, Green: Pollution, Blue: Creative Accounting, Indigo: Negligence
[Goverment Virtues:] Maroon: Social Security, Navy: Health Care, Khaki: Science & Technology, Teal: Infrastructure
[Goverment Vices:] Lime: Palm-Greasing, Fuschia: Taxation

Accepted. Why not? I mean, we already have food associations. Khaki is making me think of Trivial Pursuit, but I really don't want to start that going.

Proposal 150

The board, and the squares of which it consists, should play an even more important role in the Nomopolionic Universe. Therefore, the following is suggested: Each player, who is a registered voter, has one vote for every Government-colored square he owns. Each player, who is a registered voter, has 1/4 vote for every Corporate-colored square a player owns, the sum rounded down to the nearest integer.

Rejected. Governmental Proposals are passed by the number of votes based on a percentage of Registered Voters. This allows there to be both more than three Yea votes per five Registered Voters and more than two Nay votes per three Registered Voters at the same time. (That's the good argument. A less good argument is that votes can be cast and, while the proposal is pending, properties can be lost or gained, doing something strange to the number of votes cast.)

Proposal 151

Any player may declare itself a Freemason at any time. If, at any time any currently existing team has no players on it, the admin will remove the rules about Teams.

Accepted. Ooh, I just hope that friends of The Wide Eyed Tree Hugging Anarckists XVI-4.1ize you wimpy Freemasons to teach you all a lesson.

Proposal 152

A player may sue TIE (see Week 7 Proposal Turns) for a sum of money if that player finds TIE to be at fault for current rule enforcement, or for violation of rules and/or responsibilities of being TIE. For the sake of lawsuits (and only for this reason), TIE is considered to be part of the government. If the lawsuit is successful (TIE is found guilty as charged), then the government shall pay said player the amount being sued. If the government does not have enough money, then it shall take (heh) its money from the corporation. If the government still does not have enough money, then Lottery ticket prices shall double with half of the ticket cost being paid to that player for the remainder of the game as compensation (can be changed later). Any lawsuit shall be sent in to the government and be posted on the government page. Each registered voter is on the jury and has the ability to vote on TIE's innocence or guilt. Three weeks shall be allowed for the trial. If TIE is found innocent, then that player shall be payed nothing. To sue TIE, a player must hire a lawyer for a fee set by each lawyer not to be less than $300 per trial. If the lawsuit is won, then the government will also have to pay the lawyer fees in addition to the settlement cost. A player may only be a lawyer by submitting an accepted proposal that deals directly with lawsuits. That player may then declare themselves a lawyer. There may only be three lawyers in Nomopoly world. The lawyer may change or add to the lawsuit posting (add his arguments) on the government page (only once per lawsuit). The lawyer must be selected upon submittion of a lawsuit (else TIE shall determin council randomly(heh)). TIE (the defender) may post one rebuttal for the lawsuit.

Rejected. Geez, just tell me I made a typo, okay? I know I slip up now and then, and the last thing we need is for me to screw up handling one of these trials. It also makes rectifying the situation that much harder. (Hmm, that sounds like I'm taking this personally. I'm not.)

Proposal 153

Add to Easy Movement: Once per update a player may Take a Walk, and thereby transport himself to his choice of either the successor or the predecessor of the square he occupies. For this rule, the successor of the last square is the first square and the predecessor of the first square is the last square.

Accepted. Glad I made that successor/predecessor definition.

Proposal 154
Pewter Hat

Add the following to the "Wide Eyed Tree Hugging Anarkists":

The "Wide Eyed Tree Hugging Anarkists" may be referred to as WETHA in all references.

The WETHA own square 53 and the unowned square closest to and less then square 27. If the board should have more than 83 squares they shall also own square 83, which are called the lodge, if it is necessary to say which lodge is which they are numbered (one with the lowest number) Lodge 1, next one Lodge 2 and so forth.

The Lodge is a pollution source (who wants a bunch of Wide Eyed Tree Hugging Anarkists hanging around) and the lodge may not be Tefloned, Glued, bombed or affected in any other way.

If a nonmember player lands on a lodge they lose the second least valuable thing they own, not including money, unless they are members of the WETHA, or have no money. If they are a member, she pays 50 dollars to the Coffers of the WETHA and colle cts the item the WETHA has taken the longest time ago. If she is broke, 50 dollars are donated to the pot of WETHA in thier name, as if they donated 50 dollars and they also collect the oldest applicable items (note Items include Deeds, Patents, Items, insurance, Paint, if unused, and the like)

Any Mason is considered by the WETHA to be a member in good standing, as if she had paid 50 dollars a turn.

Accepted. The first paragraph is a stroke of genius; thank you! It's difficult finding the closest unowned square to DuckHead... it's... the 24th square; fifteen other squares are closer to DuckHead than it is. To keep from possibly renaming all Lodges if a Lodge gets inserted between squares, all Lodges will simply be named "Lodge", and I'll keep to my tagging of squares with similar names. Oh, and about donating items to the Lodges: currently, the only objects with a defined resale "value" are properties, so that's what one will lose if one lands on a Lodge. Neat, huh? I mean, a can of paint might drop up in value if some other player has a block of that color, and who can tell the value of The Magic Kazoo? Okay, so it's a wimpy excuse for trying to make the rules bizarre.

Proposal 155

A Sick player may 'cure' their illness by taking Cough Medicine, sold by the government for $10, $1 of which goes to me for holding the patent. The problem with Cough Medicine is that it only works for two turns. Afterwards the player is once-again Sick.

Rejected. Vynd might be outraged at your attempt to duplicate his patent on a Hot Spring Bath.

Proposal 156
Pit Bull

An elephant has escaped from the Zoo. It starts out from the zoo and it's movement follows these rules: At the beginning of every Candyland phase, roll a 6-sided die. On a result of 1, the elephant moves South, on 2 it moves West, on 3 East , on 4 North. If there is a wall, roll again. If a 5 is rolled, the elephant takes a closer look at the players on that tile, causing them to get sick. On a 6, it removes the coating of the tile, if any is present.

Accepted into a new section. You'll see why if you read on. Nice reason for a 5 to make a player Sick; my first choice for that would've left us with a Sick Proposal.

Proposal 157
The 34th Veil

A player may choose to spread the contagion to everyone on the board with the Biggest Sneeze in the World. The fee is that that player must pay $150 to all the players he or she infects.

Accepted. Wow.

Proposal 158

There exists an experimental technology known as a Weighted die (patent hold by Moonchilde, and sold through the coorporation at the experimental tech store for $80). The Weighted Die, once purchased may be used in place of any one normal die by informing the admin that such a die is to be used during their next turn. Once a Weighted Die is used, it is removed from the player. A player may own no more than 3 Weighted Dice at any given time. The effect of a Weighted Die is to either roll a 6 or to roll a 1, but which one will be rolled is unknown (50/50 chance of either).

Accepted where you'd guess it would be. You'll get a $1 royalty for it.

Proposal 159

The admin shall have a Swiss Bank Account (SBA). Other rules may specify how money may be paid into the account, but no proposal may allow money to be paid out of the SBA.

Accepted. Fits in nicely with the elephant. Whatever that means.

Proposal 160

That Partial Ownership be abolished, and that section VII. be replaced by this:

  1. If a player tells the admin of her wish to do so, she may transfer any game item that she owns to any other player.
  2. Each square may have an Owner.
  3. The owner of an unnamed square may give that square a name by declaring a name to the admin.
  4. A player who lands on an unowned square and has at least as much money as that square's market value has the option to purchase it. provided that no other player already has the option to purchase it.
  5. An option to purchase expires when the player explicitly chooses to buy or not to buy the square, or at the end of the week after the week in which the option was acquired, whichever is sooner.
  6. If a player has the option to purchase a square, she may become its owner by paying its market price.
  7. When a player lands on a non-White, non-utility, named, square owned by another entity, that player will pay the owner the rent value for the square.
  8. If the square is colored a Corporate Color, anyone who collects rent on it must then pay 20% of the rent collected to The Corporation.
  9. If a square is colored a Government Color its owner must pay a property tax of 5% of its market value to The Government once a week or the square will become Government property.
  10. If one player owns at least three squares of a single color, and no other player owns any squares of that color, then the owned squares are said to make up a block, and the owner is said to own that block.
  11. If a player lands on a square with the word "Park" on its title or a square which is a National Park, the player will pay $5 to the owner of the park's predecessor (or of the highest-numbered square if the park has no predecessor). If the square is unowned then no $5 fee will be paid.
  12. If a player is required to pay his Best Friend due to any rule in this section, the amount of money she must pay is cut in half, rounded down.

Accepted. For those keeping count, Rule 1 became 2; 2 became 3; 3 became 4, 5, and 6; 4 became 1; 5 became 7 and 8; 6 became 9; 7 became 10; 8 became 11; and 9 became 12. Rule 10, which Death had no way of knowing about, it preserved and becomes Rule 13. Also, I'll clean up the phrase that is now redundant with our definition of predecessor. Death gets the bonus for cleaning up the ruleset.

Proposal 161

A player may rename any square she owns by contacting the appropriate agency. Government-colored squares are jurisdiction of the "Ministry of Names, Numbers and Doodles", and their fee is $150. Corporate-colored and white squares are handled by NomoNames, inc. They charge $75 to send a guy over to change the signs on the square in question. Squares that are mentioned in the rules may not be renamed, to preserve our cultural heritage.

Rejected. You were beaten to the punch for this one.

Proposal 162

When a new player joins the game, she is given ownership of the unowned square on the map with the lowest number that meets the following conditions: A) It is not a square named in the rules. B) It is not a square which another player holds the option to buy on. If no such square exists, then a new square is created, numbered one higher than the square with the highest existing number, and this square is awarded to the new player. In any event, the new player has the right to name this square by informing the admin any time within the week following his recieving the square of it's new name.

I further propose that any player who has never owned a square since they joined the game shall be awarded ownership of a square using the method described in the proposed rule above.

The way things are going, new players are going to have a very difficult time getting started. I figured this would be at least a small boost for them.

Accepted. Any player who does not currently own a square will be given one, because, hey, I could go back and determine who had owned a square in the past, but I don't feel up to it. These squares will be awarded before awards for proposals are handed out.

Proposal 163

A player may sue other players for damages (i.e., painting her square, destroying her square, etc.) by submitting a lawsuit and hiring a lawyer (as in my previous proposal). All rules and regulation of lawsuits shall be as stated in my previous proposal concerning lawsuits against TIE.

Rejected. If someone has a beef with another player, the current method of Dispute settling seems fine. I'd rather that be altered to include your ideas than to have your ideas set up as a rival set of rules.

Proposal 164

Announcing the Grand Opening of Chez Caffeine, your source of caffeine in all forms -- hot, cold, carbonated, sugared, creamed, and even crystal clear. Chez Caffeine invites you to come on in and try one of its specialty Products...

The Eye Opener: The early bird's dirty little secret, now available to you in a refreshing morning beverage. Start your update with an Eye Opener and your actions, proposals and turns will get done before those of anyone who doesn't start with one (allowing for Rule IX.7). Available at Chez Caffeine for $50. (Patent held by Geppetto.)

The All-Nighter: Wanna give that extra 120%? Energize yourself with a nice, tall All-Nighter and feel yourself leaping that extra mile. It'll allow you to submit a fourth proposal (to be handled after everyone's third proposals) and take a fourth turn (note: it will NOT give you more than one additional proposal and turn no matter how many you drink). Available at Chez Caffeine for $100. (Patent held by Geppetto.)

These fine beverages are also available at the newly re-opened Beat Bar, beverage emporium...
Chez Caffeine's Eye Opener: $50 ($40 to Geppetto)
Chez Caffeine's All-Nighter: $100 ($75 to Geppetto) well as The Beat Bar's own health beverage, The V-8. Packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and taste, it'll not only make you not Sick when you consume it, it will even, if you're in a square with not-Sick people when you drink it, make a randomly selected not-Sick person Sick with envy as he mutters, "Wow...I coulda had a V-8." Available for $50, only at The Beat Bar. (Patent held by Geppetto.)

Accepted. The V-8 smoothly gets around the Hot Spring Bath patent violation issue, at least in my eyes. I have no big problem letting players pay for the right to make more proposals. Soon they will run out of cash and I will be safe. Oh, and read the rule for The Eye Opener carefully; it won't always work if you like sending me mail on Friday afternoons.

Proposal 165
Pewter Hat

There exists an Item called a 'Bot

These handy little things can to anything, without having to pay someone else to do it, They paint, they plant bombs, they carry players in the manner of a Taxi, they . . . well you get the idea, they can do anything the admin lets you do with. At a cost of only 150 dollars they are a steal.

Flaws. Err, well there are a few minor problems, they only last for three operation then they blow up, harmlessly, There can only be one of them intact at first, then every 10 turns one additional can be on the board at any time, and on a roll they go to the nearest legal space and blow up like a bomb one chance in 256 roll of three 1's on there fair dice each time they are commanded.

The Patent is held through the Corporation

Accepted. 1 in 256? What kind of dice do you think we roll? This is an Experimental Technology. The generalization I'll use for the ruleset is that if there is a Job to be done, the 'Bot can do it. Since I really don't think you mean "turns" in your time limit on 'Bots (there are about three per player per week), I will remove the time limit. Limiting 'Bots to one per week would get ugly as everyone tries to buy one; I'll just let people glut the market.

Proposal 166

If a Sick person wants to cure their illness, they may buy a Flu Shot from the government for $40, $4 of which goes to me, the patent holder. Once the Flu Shot is used, the player no longer is Sick in any shape or form.

Rejected. This is an attempt to duplicate not only Vynd's patent but an earlier proposed patent of yours. Fortunately for you, the rules forbid me from judging this proposal a Complete Waste of Time. (Well, my decision is final, but I won't use that fact on this one.)

Proposal 167
Pit Bull

A wide-eye-tree-hugging Anarckist may plant a tree on any tile that does not contain a shop, factory(pollutant) or other building, and is not coated in teflon. No shop, factory(pollutant) or other building may be added to a tile with trees. The tree can only be removed through an accepted governmental proposal or by correct application of (any) explosives.

Accepted. To plant a tree, a player must have landed on the square in question.

Proposal 168

Any player who ends his turn on the Carnival, will 'Try His Luck' The results of 'Try His Luck' are determined as follows. The admin will roll one die (d6) and one of the following results will occur, on a 1, the player will become sick. on a 2 or 3, the player will win $10, on a 4 or 5, the player will lose $10, on a 6 the player will immediately get to take another turn. This extra turn will not be counted as speeding.

Accepted. "Ends his turn" will be changed to "lands".

Proposal 169

If nobody buys a product, it is deemed by its manufacturers to be a failure, and they recall it from stores and melt it down for pipe-cleaners. At the end of Week 9, the Admin will remove all products from the rules which have never been bought.

All products created after Week 9 will have a two week test-marketing phase. If nobody buys the product in the test-marketing phase, the product is removed from the rules.

No player may ever buy pipe-cleaners.

Accepted. You all have been warned.

Proposal 170

There is a Phantom Piece, representing the Admin, that moves around the board. At the enactment of this Proposal the phantom piece is placed on square 1. The piece moves by taking a turn immediately before other players enter the Candyland Phase. The Phantom Piece does not move in the Candyland Phase. Also, if a rule says that a piece would land on a square, the Phantom Piece, being a phantom, occupies the square but does not land on it.

Accepted into that new section with the elephant.

Proposal 171

The Corporation currently owns merely two squares. To mend this situation, they will send out a Corporate Player, with financial backing from the Corporation. This character will move across the board, initally from square one, taking one turn per week with three dice. The Corporate Player will act as a player, paying rent, using Jump Gates, etc, but will not move in the CL phase or get Sick.

If the Corporate Player lands on a square owned by a player, the Corporation offers to buy the square (squares in the case of a jumpgate) at 2.17 times the market value (rounded down to the nearest dollar). If a square contains a store, the Corporation is willing to offer an additional $300 for the store, and $200 for each Patent connected with the store, unless the Product is a Repackaged Corporate Product. If the player accepts, the ownership is immediately transferred to the Corporation, including any Stores and Patents, which will continue under their new owner. The square will be painted in a random Corporate color if currently Government-colored or White. If the Corporation has less than $2500, the Corporate Player will still move, but not offer to buy squares.

Accepted along with the elephant. If this player or any other of the elephant's friends has an option it is allowed to make, I, the admin, will make the choice.

Proposal 172
The 34th Veil

Currenlt the law states that only the Corporation and Registered Voters my bid. I propose that that law be changed. Everyone shall have the ability to bid. Also, I suggest that people that wish to have partial ownership of a property may bid in the same percentages they'd buy it for, thus having partial ownership.

Accepted in part. The partial Bidding option would have been quite cool, but partial ownership is now no longer a part of the game.

Proposal 173

A 10% tax shall be placed on all goods (not services) sold through stores, carnivals, etc... This tax shall be paid to the government and shall be paid by the buyer.

Rejected. Many of the Products sold (like Hot Spring Baths) are treated as objects although they are essentially services; it's hard to tell which is which as things stand.

Proposal 174

Products are physical objects and can only be transferred between two players, or between a player and a store, when they are at the same square. Stores stockpile Products given them by players, and will, as per the store owner's instructions, either transfer the Product to a specified player if/when he arrives, transfer the product to the store's owner if/when he arrives, or employ the product at the store. Products stockpiled at a store are not available for sale by the store.

Rejected. I don't like dealing with conditionals for more than one update's worth at a time.

Proposal 175

The Corporation hates The Wide Eyed Tree Hugging Anarckists. Any player who has pledged alliegance to The Wide Eyed Tree Hugging Arackists (by paying dues or any other legal means) must give the Corporation 40% of any money they collect in rent from Corporate colored squares, rather than the usual percentage.

Rejected. Believe it or not, this is actually a very hard thing for me to be able to keep track of as I plough through the movements as quickly as possible.

Proposal 176

In the game there could arise the possiblity of a thing called Violence. Unlike the real world, though, Nomopoly Violence has no effect accept causing young children to act insane and politicians to speak out against it. So, logically, if someone gets hit by a cannon, they will survive. If they get shot, they will survive. If they get a really painful paper cut, they will survive.

When a person has been the victim of Violence, they may show some symptons: 1. can only roll one dice at a time until reaching hospital. 2. can not buy things until they reach the Hospital 3. CAN, however, use Easy Movement to get to the Hospital faster

Accepted. There currently is no Hospital, but that's how things go, I guess. Someone who has been affected by Violence will be Hurt. There is no current way to be Violent.

Admin Announcement

Let it be known that a few rule changes were made, to be explained in greater detail at the end of this movement mess. Of note, I decided that Stores, like Utilities, do not charge rent. Also, option to buy has been replaced with the simple ability to buy. But more about that later.



Then, as promised, these property-less players are given properties in random order: Ah, we're back to a non-rectangular board. Then: And now the CL phase. The CL phase is now happening in alphabetic order instead of random order, as I'll explain later. So, for all of that, the Lottery Pot grew by $200, The Government gained $2579, and The Corporation gained $1221. Okay, before I chat about rules, I'll announce:

Dispute 1
Pit Bull

I, Pitbull, accuse Vynd of conspiring to wilfully empty the pockets of the government (See Governmental Proposal 6). What more proof do you need to have to The penalty shall be $1000 (remember Vynd plans to earn 500 by the gov'proposal).

Admin Chat

Okay, fun things first:

Rule XXVI-4 stated that an item sold in two of one player's Stores would be both an Original and a Repackaged Product; I fixed that rule up.

Government Proposal G5 really belonged to Mikail, not Slakko. That typo/thinko was fixed. Proposal G6 had a typo that was due to the proposer; many of you have noticed that there is no "Friday, March 26th". Reluctantly, I decided to succumb to the proposer's wishes and change "26th" to "28th". Hopefully, you know who this refers to. (I do, but I won't tell because it's a bit more fun that way.)

I decided that Stores cannot charge rent, just as Utilities cannot.

Because I've forgotten to charge for it for a few weeks in a row, I removed the "waking the animals" fine. Similarly, I removed the "nearby a Park" fee because I always forget to do it.

I have forgotten to make players automatically Abstain on proposals; all Registered Voters who haven't voted on a proposal by Week 9 will automatically Abstain.

I have removed White paint from the game.

"Turbo Rounds" disallowed proposals and an earlier rule disallowed movement; putting them both together locks the game up utterly. I have removed the Turbo Round rule.

Only one form of Easy Movement can be taken during a week, and it all happens at the same time (before proposal-based turns).

My cracking warnings have borne fruit; the Actions sections has been cut up a bit and a new Schedules section has been created, detailing my timeline. (I know it's not perfect yet, mostly because I'm quite weary, but I leave it to you to try to spruce it up a bit.) An important rule has been modified and moved from the Proposals section to the end of the Actions section.

Players no longer get "options to buy", but they get the mere ability to buy based on their landing upon a square. Putting this together with the important rule gives you about the same power.

And lastly, two pretty important things. As you can guess if you've been watching when my updates are coming out, I pretty hosed lately. I feel bad about doing it, but I've changed the number of proposals allowed per week to two. Yep, two.

Okay, that's one important thing. The other is that, with most of us who are students having finished Spring Break, the time of summer vacation and finals is our next obstacle. I won't be able to maintain the game over the summer, and we'll probably have a bunch of people who can't play. So, consider this a gentle push in the direction of either finding a way to keep the game going without me, finding a way to let players drop from the game, or finding a way to make it feasible for someone to win the game. The last two are good ideas to put into any game, actually.

Well, that's that, I guess.

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