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Week 10
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Initial Stuff

I made two mistakes last week, one big and one small. The small one is that the Magic Kazoo was not removed from Geppetto and given to Cyberspazz; that happens now. The second one was much bigger; since Vynd did not have enough money to pay his fines, he is instead awarded 100 pounds of Chains. All of his properties are given back to him as if the whole mistake never happened. Eep. Sorry.

So, that said, here are the opening things that happen:

Proposal 195

Delivery Truck Drivers and Taxi Drivers belong to the Teamster's Union. The Teamster's Union Rules specifically disallow driving through "Hazardous Areas." The upshot of this is that a delivery truck will not take its owner to a square that contains a bomb. A taxi will not even pass through a square that contains a bomb, unless you slip the driver $500 as an "incentive."

Accepted. Delivery Trucks now drive by moving from one square to its successor or to its predecessor; earlier it wasn't defined because it wasn't important.

Proposal 196
The 34th Veil

I propose that beginning Week #12, at the end of everyone's turn everyone will lose $250, taken by the Admin and put into his Swedish Bank Accounts.

Rejected. So each time someone rolls and takes a turn, everyone loses $250? Players don't seem to like losing money like that. But I am also adding the new rule: The "S" in "SBA" can be thought to stand for any nationality beginning with the letter "S".

Proposal 197

There shall be a new psuedo-player-The Insane Scary Screaming Guy or TISSG. He shall be allowed the usage of three dice. When his turn arrives, he will move to the square indicated by the dice roll. Any players on the square he lands on will be grabbed by TISSG and told "THE END IS NEAR!!!! HIDE YOUR LLAMAS!!! WATCH FOR THE FOUR EGGPLANTS OF THE APOCALYPSE!!!!" The screaming is a form of Violence. If a player wishes to capture TISSG they must pay $350 to TISSG, at which he will become The Sane Mellow Silent Guy or TSMSG and no longer inflict Violence upon players. If TISSG meets with any other of the psuedo-players, there will be Violence between both of them so horrible that both will kill each other and no longer exist. If TSMSG meets with any of the pseudo-players, there will be no consequence, unless the other pseudo-player is the Elephant-at which TSMSG will attempt to feed the elephant a peanut. The Elephant will then procede to trample TSMSG to death, thus eliminating TSMSG forever.

Accepted. This is really silly, but it's fine with me.

Proposal 198

A player may hire a Gipper for $200 (including the cost of the paint) to paint any square on the board a government color.

Rejected. Way too easy to break block this way; at least earlier you had to be lucky enough to land on a square.

Proposal 199

The amount of money in the Swiss Bank Account shall be kept on the Government Page so that players know how much money is "leaving" the game.

Accepted. I hadn't done it yet since the SBA was empty.

Proposal 200
Pit Bull

Remove rule XXIII. 4. This rule is outruled by 5. in most cases.

Accepted. That rule was the one that made The Corporation disperse funds when it reached over $15,000; the Stocks seem to make this very unlikely. Happy 200th proposal.

Proposal 201

Make the following changes to the rules on Chains in section XXXI
Make a new rule 2: Rusty Chains are a type of Chains. They are treated as normal Chains except where otherwise specified.
Make a new rule 3: If a player is bound by Chains for 10 consecutive weeks, his Chains become Rusty Chains, of the same weight as the Chains she was bound by at the end of that week. This has no effect if the player is already bound by Rusty Chains. If a player who is bound by Rusty Chains is given more Chains, then all of that player's Chains are replaced with regular, non-rusty, Chains, which will again become Rusty if she remains bound for another 10 consecutive weeks.
Eliminate rule 5.
Renumber (the old) rules 2 through 4 to 4 through 6.
Make a new rule 7: Each week, a player who is bound by Chains will have 20 pounds of Chains removed, losing all Chains when their weight drops to 10 pounds or less, unless that Player is bound by Rusty Chains. Players bound in Rusty Chains lose 30 pounds of Chains each week, losing all Chains if their weight drops to 10 pounds or less.
Also, add the following sentence to rule 6 in Section XIX Products:
Players who are bound in non-Rusty Chains have their Chains replaced with Rusty Chains of equal weight if they purchase a Hot Spring Bath, after which the Hot Spring Bath disappears.

Accepted with some modifications. Most notably, I'm leaving in the hampering of Easy Movement caused by Chains. Also, I tried to make Rusty be a quality of Chains instead of making Rusty Chains their own class of objects. Hope I did it right.

Proposal 202

Stores can set "cover charges" that represent minimum purchasing that must be done when people land on the store. If people buy something at the store as a result of their landing there, the cover charge is applied toward the purchase.

Rejected. First, I don't see a limit on this cover charge, and any Store owner can make all players pay millions of dollars. Second, most players choose to buy something the week after they land on a Store; this causes bizarre monetary problems and lag. It would be possible to buy a Repackaged product and cause the Store owner to go Bankrupt.

Proposal 203

Proposal: The Peanut Brittle Cottage Nougat Refinery has started peddling its wares, smelted daily from the produce of the Nougat Mine. They are shipped to Queen's Rook Seven for sale to the unsuspecting public! The following Candies are for sale:

Accepted. Although I appreciate it, I have to say that it's quite a long setup for an obscure pun, which I thought your Jumpgate already took care of. Cute, though.

Proposal 204

The Death of the Bridge: The Hospital is where Victims shall go. Where is the Hospital? Well, it's on the previous site of the South Bridge. The Bridge was in such little use the Government decided to close it down. The North Bridge is currently Demolitionville. It's not very safe to go there. In fact, if one lands there they shall receive Violence.
The Hospital: It is a very good idea for victims of Violence to go here. For the very low fee of $25 all their problems will be solved and they will no longer be Hurt.
Demolitionville: Currently, no plans exist for what this will be. Although there are rumors it will be made into a bomb shelter........

Accepted. Seems reasonable. It would have been comic if the Jumpgate were left intact, but that wouldn't have been productive at all.

Proposal 205

If any shares are unowned when Dividends are paid (i.e. when the Corporation earns $4000 to pay the shareholders), then $1 will be paid into the SBA for every share unowned.

Accepted. Looks like that's going to happen soon enough...

Proposal 206
Pit Bull

Rule X.7 the sentence At the beginning of each week << "Gone" properties have their ownership transferred to the highest Bidder, who pays her last Bid to the Government; >> shall be changed to << "Gone" properties have their ownership transferred to the highest Bidder, who pays the next-highest Bid to the Government; >> This sick method is used in reality. Note that there is always a second-highest bid, as the corporation will bid always(?!).

Rejected. A player can preemptively bid six million dollars and then pay far, far less (unless she is stupid enough to make that bid with enough weeks left that someone else can bid five million dollars). I'd like to keep people a bit more honest, especially after that Magic Kazoo purchase thingy.

Proposal 207

The two squares of a JumpGate must have the same color. Should it ever happen that the squares end up as different colors, the JumpGate becomes inoperational until such time as the colors align again.

Accepted. Some previously operational Jumpgates are now unoperational.

Proposal 208

Change the following fines in rule 3 of section XXXIII. For Yellow, change the fine from $400 to $200. For Lime, change the fine for non-Registered Voters from $500 to $300. For Fuchsia, change the fine from $800 to $500.

Accepted. Oh, all right. I figure after getting hit with Fuchsia the first time out, you guys deserve a break.

Proposal 209

Players can grease their squares, so that anyone/anything landing on them (including the elephant) slides off onto the succeeding square.

Accepted. This coating acts much like glue, but it's free. That's actually quite unusual, but I think it'll be worth it. For one, it'll make scams far more entertaining.

Proposal 210
The 34th Veil

The state of Bankruptcy is currently defined as anyone who has reached the level of $0 or less. I believe that the line should be redrawn at -$250, so as to give the players less possibility of having to fork over all their money because one person went broke.

Rejected. This game models a capitalist society, and without cash, you're just s.o.l.

Proposal 211

Repeal the restriction on using two methods of easy movement within a week.

Rejected. Easy Movement lets most people go wherever they want, getting $400 for moving around the board; letting people do that twice is excessive.


The Pseudoplayers:

The players: And then the CL phase: The Corporation will now pay its stockholders: Death gets $300, Geppetto gets $25, Mikail gets $200, Moonchilde gets $175, Pit Bull gets $500, Slakko gets $300, Vynd gets $50, and $450 is deposited into the SBA.

The Phantom Piece is on Red, so the lowest numbered unowned square, The Carnival, becomes owned by the Corporation. It now is a store that sells Experimental Technologies and not Exciting Carnival Goods; however, other side-effects of The Carnival are still in effect.

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