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Week 7
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First, I'd like to apologize for forgetting to charge people who passed through the Zoo last week. I always seem to screw up somewhere. And now, preliminary actions:

The Government received $1560, not counting the $200 in the Pot for the Lottery. The Corporation received $750.

Proposal 115
Minister of Right

I propose that players who have had a chance to play the magic kazoo may not play it again unless they give the person who played the kazoo last sum of money, say 50 dollars.

Rejected. Generally, a player who has played the Magic Kazoo recently won't be getting it back any time soon, unless another player takes pity and donates the Magic Kazoo. Anyone in such dire straits that she needs to play the Magic Kazoo shouldn't be fined for it.

Proposal 116

A square that is "destroyed" is destroyed. It is removed from the board, and loses all characteristics, including (but not limited to) ownership, color, and market value. Any jumpgates to or from a destroyed square no longer exist. Any other effects dependent on the existence of the square are null and void.

Accepted. Removing a square from the game leaves a slight conflict with the fact that all squares must be numbered sequentially; when a square is destroyed, the highest numbered square will be renumbered to replace the destroyed square.

Proposal 117

I propose that people referred to as Outlaws will be called Freemasons. Other than that, there ststus shall not be changed.

Accepted. All occurences in the ruleset of "Outlaw" have been changed to "Freemason".

Proposal 118
The 34th Veil

The zoo will sell more than just a Souvenir Hat, they will also send a large Balloon. The owner ot a large Balloon may go to any property of theirs. Balloons sell for $35.

Rejected. How should I resolve the situation where a player owns a Large Balloon and has rolled dice that lead him to move to a square she owns?

Proposal 119
Pit Bull

Currently we have to fear oppression by our courts, as any penalty may be proposed [Disputes.1]. The rules seem to imply that this penalty takes effect, when the dispute is settled.

Proposal: The Government takes charge of putting the penalties to effect. The only penalties endorsed by the Government are:

Penalties may be combined.

(Enforcement:) A player may refuse to pay damages, and request the Government to convert the damages to a chain of 10 weight per binary logarithm (rounded up) to be attached to the player (e.g. 10 pounds/$1, 20 pounds/$2, 30 pounds/$4, 40 pounds/$8, .., 100 pounds/$1024). Chains may get weightier this way than 100 pounds. Enforcement also applies if the player can't pay.

Accepted, in both the Disputes section and a new section on Chains. Looks good.

Proposal 120

I declare square 3 to be a store. The name of the store will be Uncle Igor's Rokket Shoppe. I would also like to patent the following Products: Da Red Speedsta and Da Fuel-Pakk.

It will sell a backpack-sized gadget, known as Da Red Speedsta, complete with sturdy Rollerblades. (Sold for $150 for a limited time only!) Each time Da Speedsta is used, you also need a Fuel-Pakk. ($50 each, the backpack can hold up to three of these nifty little things)

When using Da Speedsta, which can be at any time except during the Candyland phase, all the player has to do is press Da Big Button, notify the Admin of his suicidal intention and *presto*:

The player moves an additional five dice!

There are some drawbacks though. If the dice show 12 or more, the player is considered to be speeding. If the dice show 23 or more, Da Speedsta has overheated and with a loud bang, the player is airborne, and will land on any randomly selected square of the board. Needless to say, this also renders Da Speedsta useless. (Of course, the player is welcome back to buy a new one.)

Accepted. The name of your Store is actually Any Colour You Like, though, since there currently is no way to rename a square.

Proposal 121

Clearing Up the Ruleset: If, in the opinion of the Admin, a proposal simplifies the existing ruleset, then if it is Accepted the player proposing it shall be awarded double the normal amount for an accepted proposal.

Accepted. Remember, simplifying the ruleset doesn't just mean reducing the number of rules.

Proposal 122
Pewter Hat

Players may purchase the right to do things for the Government or the Corporation in exchange for 75 percent share of the money charged. In order for a position to be considered for sale, the following things must be true:

  1. A fee must be charged.
  2. The activity must be mobile, that is to say it cannot be tied to one place on the board.
  3. The activity must deliver a service to another player.
A player may purchase a position by posting the highest bid in the week following its announcement. If there is a tie, the position is rebid.

A holder of a position moves free and unencumbered to a square where the activity of the position is preformed, and rolls her next move from that square. She can't be glued, be fined or pay a toll when proffering her duty.

A holder of a position is paid 75 percent of the fee charged for that position. She may not use the service she is performing nor may she be considered to go around the board ie she doesn't collect 400 dollars.

GIPP and Taxidrivers are considered to be eligible position at the start of the the next move for the purpose of this rule. Gluing is performed by the GIPP.

Only one person may serve in a role. She may only serve in one position, and she may resign at any time.

Accepted into its own new section, Labor. Much of this framework is going to be removed; although I like it a lot, we have the problem that The Government or The Corporation must announce a position so that players can bid for it. If a wise player sees a job that he'd like, he can't really bid for it without an announcement first, so he'd have to propose its existance. As long as that's the case, the proposal might as well allow for more broader jobs.

Proposal 123

As of last week, it's obvious that the government is not making nearly as much money as it should be, and thus it is imposing a property tax. Every player who owns a corporate colored square must pay a tax to the government for the rights to zone that square as a corporation. The tax shall be figured as the additive sum for each color times 10, thus owning 1 square of a given color would cost $10, 2 squares $30, 3 squares $60, etc.

Rejected. It's a nice idea, but I think the prices are way too steep on this one, especially compared to the taxes required for Government Colored squares and the bite taken out of rent by The Corporation.

Proposal 124

I propose Section XIX be known as Patents and Products and that, it shall contain the following rules:

Patents are proposals, or parts of proposals, which define a Product available for sale in the game. Such a proposal must include a description of the effects of the Product, and a description of the Product, if such things are applicable (some products may have no effect, some may need no description, this is perfectly legal). The admin shall maintain a list of all Products, their descriptions, and their effects.

Patents are either Public or Private, but all patents are initially Private unless specified otherwise when they are proposed. A player who successfuly proposes a new patent will be the owner of that patent, unless their proposal (or the admin) specifies otherwise.

Private patents can be owned by any player, the Government, or the Corporation. Anyone who owns a Private patent may sell the Products it defines at Stores which the patent holder owns, if the admin approves a proposal to sell said Products at a particular Store(s). Such a proposal must include the price that the owner wishes to sell the Product for and where it will be sold. Products which are sold in this manner are known as Original Products.

A player may also sell Products derived from Private patents which she does not own the patent on. Products sold in this manner are known as Repackaged Products. To sell a Repackaged Product, a player must submit a proposal naming the Product she wishes to repackage, where she wishes to sell it, and how much she intends to charge for the Product. The player may also include a new decription of the appearance of the Product as it will be sold in her Store(s), but this is not required. It will remain the same Product (in other words, be defined by the same patent), so long as it's game effects are identical to those of the Origianl Product. In any event, the name of the Repackaged Product will remain the same as in it's patent (to keep us all from getting terminaly confused).

If a Repackaged Product is proposed when it is for sale somewhere as an Original product, then the proposed price for the Repackaged version must be at least 15% greater than the cost of the Original Product. Whatever the cost of a Repackaged product, whenever a Repackaged Product is purchased, 25% of the payment for it must go to the owner of the patent for that Product.

Public patents are patents that are not owned by anyone. Public patents cannot be purchased or traded. Products defined by Public patents are known as Common Products. Any player may propose to sell a Common Product at their store(s) as if they owned the patent for that product.

Private patents may be rendered Public through inactivity. A patent is considered inactive if the Product it defines is not for sale anywhere. If a Private patent is inactive for 3 consecutive weeks, it shall become a Public patent. Patents owned by the Government are immune from this effect, although they are still considered inactive.

The list of patents already found in section XIX could go here, or the admin can put them somewhere else if he wants. =) This paragraph will delete itself upon acceptance of this proposal.

I further propose to alter the rules in section XXVI, as follows:

Rule 1 has the first sentence of Rule 2 added to it's end, the remainder of Rule 2 is deleted.

Rule 3 is deleted and replaced with a new Rule 2. The new Rule 2 reads: All Products sold by a Store must be approved for sale according to the rules on patents, with the constraining factor that all Products sold at a Store must fall under it's Theme. An Original Product may be given a new description as a Repackaged Product, in accordance with the rules on patents, such that it will fit under Themes that it would otherwise have conflicted with.

Rule 4 is deleted. The current Rule 5 becomes Rule 3.

Rejected. I'd write witty comments, but I can't fit your whole proposal on my screen and write comments down here. Let's see... I doubt renamed Repackaged products will confuse people (I ran Fascist 7; I know whereof I speak when it comes to confusing similar items). No patent is currently Public; I'd be unable to time everything on the three week scale effectively, either. The price and percentages section seems reasonable, but so much of this giant rule is getting rejected that I won't accept it for one little paragraph.

Proposal 125

When a player arrives at a square by one of the methods of transport listed in the Easy Movement rules, he is considered to have landed on the square.

Rejected. Easy movement is already too easy.

Proposal 126

I propose the The experimental Factory Create a new device , a Surgeons suit. The cost can be determined by you but the effect of such a device (patented by CyberSpazz) is to prevent any present and future disease or illness from spreading to the wearer. The suit will last for 2 weeks and then is removed. It is worn upon purchase.

Accepted. It will cost, oh, $250. Don't make me come up with a price again. I have this odd choice: either you get the patent, and then the item is never sold anywhere (since The Corporation doesn't have a set price to pay you when they sell the product), or The Corporation gets the patent and sells it as an Experimental Technology. I'll give you the patent.

Proposal 127

There is currently only one way to get sick (that I can see) so I propose the following: If you take a taxi ride, you get sick. If you land on more than one factory or utility during one week (or update), you get sick. If you have to pay more than $400 in fines, rent, etc. in one week, you get sick.

Accepted. Rather than being cruel to all utilities, I'll say that if you land on one or more pollutants during one week, you get Sick.

Proposal 128

The Admin will list all currently extant Blocks on the Board page.

Accepted. You'll see the list when there are some.

Proposal 129

Another 'Perk of Illness' will be that a player may infect any other player on the board they choose by having a Big Sneeze. They are fined $5 for being a pollutant of sorts, but they do get another person Sick.

Accepted. The "Perks of Illness" section is renamed "Contagion", due to this proposal and 127.

Proposal 130
Pit Bull

Bidding in a government auction is not an action. (At the moment, the rules can be interpreted either to say that bidding is an action, or that the player may not take an action in the turn he wins the bidding.)

Accepted. I'm not sure how you drew that conclusion, but this whole "Actions" thing is starting to get to me. One day I'm going to crack and rewrite the whole damn thing.

Proposal 131

Preamble: There's a hole in your ruleset, Dear Brian, Dear Brian (etc.)

Proposal: Rule XXI.2 indicates that Corporation transportation occurs immediately before the Candyland phase. Yet requesting such transportation is a voluntary action, and hence by XXII.7 is processed before any proposals. To fix this inconsistency I propose that XXI.2 be amended by replacing "the Candyland phase" with "any proposals are decided".

Accepted, taking effect next week. I'm starting to crack! I'm starting to crack!

Proposal 132

Team mates are required to support each other in times of need. If a player is fined or loses some amount of money greater than the amount of money he/she has, the player's Team mates will instead pay the needed amount of money, evenly divided among them. If a Team member does not have enough money to pay his/her share, the other Team members will pay that share too, evenly divided among them. No Team Member can be forced into Bankruptcy by this rule, and if the Team cannot pay, the player will be Bankrupt. When a player has been supported in this way, the Team may choose to ban the Player from the Team, thereby making him an Outlaw. A unanimous vote is required.

Accepted. "Bankrupt" means having not enough money to make a payment, and this changes the results of what happens in such a situation. The way I wrote the rule should keep players from having The Government swipe all their stuff if they go Bankrupt helping out a Teammate, but I probably missed a case where weird round-off errors occur; I personally think it will be neat to see if this hole ever makes a difference. Check IV-5 for details.

Proposal 133
Pewter Hat

A patent is either held through the Government or the Corporation. A store may only sell items patents held by one organization of the other and may only sell said these items form a square of a that organization's color.

Accepted. Patents held by The Government are also held through The Government; same for The Corporation. Patents on Suntans, Hot Spring Baths, Da Red Speedsta, Da Fuel-Pakk, and Surgeons' Suits are held through the Corporation, based on the colors of the squares which currently sell these items.

Proposal 134

I propose some changes to Section XXII Actions.

Alter Rule 1 to read: "An action is any attempt by a player to change the state of the game, unless the rules for that attempted change specificaly state that it is not an action. Actions can be either voluntary or automatic."

New rule 2: "Voluntary actions are taken by sending a message to the admin informing her (grin) of the actions one wishes to take. Involuntary actions are actions that a player is forced to take by the rules."

Renumber the current Rule 2 to 3, the current Rule 3 to 4, and the current Rule 4 to 5.

New rule 6: "No player may take a voluntary action that would render herself bankrupt. Actions that would have this effect are invalid and automaticaly fail with no loss of money for the player who attempted it."

Renumber the current Rules 5, 6, and 7 to 7, 8, and 9, respectively.

Accepted. Aaaaah, I've cracked! I just don't have time to fix it today. Damn.

Proposal 135

Geppetto's Toy Shoppe is NOW OPEN! Featuring the finest selection of Toys, Novelties and Amusements for the juvenile delinquent in all of you. Our first offering:

FAKE TOY BOMBS! It's cheap, it's plastic, it ticks, it's painted red and it says BOOM on the side. Imagine your friends' surprise when this baby actually GOES OFF! Loads of laughs. Repackaged Blockbuster explosive -- $325, with $275 going to The Corporation as patent holder.

Accepted. See, nobody will get confused with this Repackaged Product thing.

Proposal 136

To win the game, you must own at least the average number of properties owned by all property owners combined (this excludes players not owning property, which could affect the average).

Accepted. My wording for the rule is actually very poor.

Proposal 137

In addition to the three normal proposals, each player may propose one Consolidation Proposal each week. A consolidation proposal must reduce the number of Rules in the game, while not creating any rule which is unduly complex (in the Admin's opinion). An accepted consolidation proposal earns the proposer $200. A rejected consolidation proposal causes the proposer to be fined $1. No turns are taken for consolidation proposals.

Rejected. Thanks for paying attention to the reasons why I rejected the last proposal that was similar to this, but there's already another way to get bonus cash for reducing the ruleset that beat you by a few proposals.

Proposal 138

Another *brand new* invention patented by the Corporation and produced at the factories is The Tractor Beam. A player may purchase one for $1250. Once bought, they may attach it to any square of theirs. Its effect is that any player passing by immediately stops and lands on The Tractor Beam square, where they must pay rent.

Note: a Tractor Beam only works during regular moves. Candyland moves, taxi moves, jumpgate moves, etc. are not affected.

Any player who wishes to avoid all Tractor Beams may buy Tractor Beam Insurance for $450, once again from the Corporation

A tractor beam only has a lifetime of 15 turns naturally.

A Tractor Beam may be destroyed by a Blockbuster or by a Tractor Beam Blocker. The Tractor Beam Blocker, sold for $600 by the Corporation, prematurely ends the life a Tractor beam with no damage to the square or surrounding area.

Accepted. Once again, if I give the patents to you, then these items can't be sold by The Corporation because its royalty payments to you haven't been set. But, you get the patents. Yay.

Proposal 139

Preamble: Previous to this proposal, all squares had fishing grounds, but there was only one method of fishing, which was very polluting, i.e. dirty.

Proposal: The Experimental Technology Factory has now developed a new, Clear method of fishing, but it has an annoying side-effect. To employ New Clear Fishing costs $300, and can be applied to any square owned by the player who requests it. The annoying side effect is to create a new square, having a new number one higher than any number previously used to number a square, and this square shall be owned by the player who performed the Fishing, but shall be coloured white. Currently New Clear Fishing is believed safe.

Accepted. This can be done by anyone, regardless of whether or not they are at the Experimental Technology Factory. When The Government wishes to create new squares, it will be by this method. The square's new number will not be higher than any number currently used to number a square, not previously. (Can't have a 57th square lying around if the last twenty squares have been destroyed.)

Proposal 140
Pewter Hat

I would like to take out a patent the following items:

Rejected. The Booming Boom Box sounds quite cool indeed, but I can't accept the Cardboard Companion. "Something bad" is far too nebulous.

Proposal 141

If a player is sick, she does not roll two dice when taking turns, but rather roles only one die.

Accepted. Rule VII-1 is now a nightmare to read, in case anyone still bothers to look at it.

Proposal 142

The owner of a Store may, once per update, hitch a ride on a delivery truck and be transported to his Store free of charge.

Accepted. Hurrah for more easy movement! It's not free of charge, however, because the owner may be laden with Chains.

Proposal 143

When auctioning off property, if the first player to bid on a property receives no counter bids after it has reached the "Going Once" stage, then that player purchases that property. This way, there is less lag and delay waiting for a property to be sold if no one else is interested in it. This only applies to properties that have only one bidder from the time it is put up for bid.

Rejected. There may be some people who wish to scope out the competition before offering a Bid.

Proposal Turns

Remember when I said I cracked? Ok. So this might be in violation of some of the rules in the Actions section. Sorry. Sue me.

The Government received $590; The Corporation received $153.

Candyland Phase
Both Death and Mikail take a tour of the Experimental Technology Factory, separately, of course.

The Government earned $100; The Corporation earned $10.

Other Stuff

The Lottery drawing went to The Government; the $450 Pot will be added to the drawing for Week 9.

Speaking of The Government, I'd like to remind folks that Government Proposals only determine how The Government will spend its money, and these are one-shot deals. These proposals will not make long-standing changes in the way The Government functions, nor will they change the way The Government collects money. So G1, if it passes, will be in effect at the moment it passes, not for each fortnightly Lottery. Things like G2 are actually illegal, and although I was planning on vetoing it if it passed, there's been enough confusion that I'll veto it now, on the grounds that its existance breaks rules about Government Proposals. Proposals like G3 are about what Government Proposals should be like.

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