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Week 3
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Admin Interruption

A couple of things before Week 3 starts. After this much time, I've decided to remove the players leftover from the first game of Nomopoly who haven't done anything in this second game. (Don't worry, I gave them all warning first.)

Also, although I appreciate the fact that Death's six colors were names from the HTML 3.2 spec, I think it will turn out to be easier for me if each color has a unique initial letter. To that end, I'm changing the name of one of the colors from "Olive" to "Khaki". This week (and this week only), I'll accept Olive as a synonym for Khaki.

Now, some purchases. Last week, I screwed up and forgot to let Dan Sanderson purchase the 6th square, as he'd asked. Death paints "Peanut Brittle Cottage" Yellow and "Queen's Rook Six" Indigo. Pabrowil purchases the 5th square, names it "Red", and paints it Green. Josh buys the 16th square, names it "Gilliamville", and paints it Orange. Josh also buys the 14th and 41st square (the latter costs $451 because it is adjacent to Public Property), names them both "Jumpworks Orange", and paints them both Orange. Josh has set the toll on this Jumpgate to $20. Mikail buys the 8th square, names it "The Gates of Dawn", and paints it Red. Duck buys the 13th and 31st square (the latter costs $341), the 23rd square (for $115 since it is polluted), the 19th square (for $209), and the 17th square (for $187). Duck names the squares "Duck's Revenge", "Duck Crossing", "Swan Lake", "Feather Pillow Pudding", and "Duck's Love Nest", respectively. Duck also declares "Swan Lake" to be a utility, a water treatment plant.

I'd also like to announce that the toy PostScript program I wrote to draw out the board has been retooled to include square colors, Jumpgates, areas of effected rent, and stuff like that. Take a look at it on the Board page. Oh, and I brought back the teal-and-gray look. And now...

Proposal 17

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Indigo are Corporate Colors. Maroon, Olive, Navy, Teal, Lime, and Fuschia are Government Colors. White is a Non-Profit-Organization Color. These are all the colors that exist. All squares are White until colored otherwise.

If a square is colored a Government Color its owner must pay a property tax of 5% of its market value to the Government once a week or lose ownership. If a square is colored a Corporate Color its owner must pay 20% of the rent collected on it to the Corporation. If a square is colored a Non-Profit-Organization Color the owner may not collect rent on it.

All amounts are rounded to the nearest dollar.

Accepted, modifying Sections XIII and VIII. The last sentence of your proposal will be accepted as its own rule, IV-5. Let me just warn everyone, Section XIII will probably be changed quite a bit by the end of this page.

2 5 to Jumpworks Orange <14>, paying $14 to Josh who pays $3 to The Corporation.

Proposal 18
Dan Sanderson

Every two weeks (fourteen 24-hour periods), the Government shall hold a Lottery. During the two-week period preceeding each Lottery, a player may purchase Tickets from the Government at $50 a piece. She may make the purchase by notifying the Admin before the Lottery is held. The Government puts $40 of this into the Pot, and keeps $10 (puts it in public funds). When the Lottery is held, the Admin shall pick one purchased ticket at random (with uniform probability). The player who owns the ticket chosen shall be awarded the money in the Pot.

To keep things interesting, the Government will have five tickets to each Lottery. The Pot for each Lottery will initially contain $250. While this initial amount is concurrent to the Government owning five tickets, the Government does not pay for the tickets out of public funds. If a ticket owned by the Government is chosen as the winner (if the Government wins the Lottery), the money is left in the Pot for the next Lottery.

The official day and time of the first Lottery shall be chosen by the Admin, approximately two weeks after this proposal is accepted. Each Lottery thereafter will be known to have occurred on that day of the week at that time, two weeks after the preceding Lottery. Tickets purchased after the exact time a given Lottery is held will apply to the next Lottery.

Lottery winners will be announced by the Admin on the Government Page. The amount of money in the Pot shall also be available on the Government page, and will be updated with the rest of the game.

Accepted as a new section. The first Lottery will be held at the beginning of Week 5.

1 4 to the 15th square, with option to buy.

Proposal 19

Any player who meets any other requirements to win must also have more Nomopoly money than any other player (not including The Government).

Accepted into Section III.

4 1 to the 15th square.

Proposal 20

So as to avoid having the Jumpwork Orange be a bridge to the end of the world, I propose that there be at least seven more squares. These would be regular squares under the laws of Nomopoly and not be special in any way, aside from Square #45, which is a National Park.

Accepted, adding seven squares to the board.

3 3 to Duck Crossing. (No rent since Duck Crossing is White.) Doubles! 2 2 to the 35th square, paying $5 in park fees. Doubles! 1 2 to the 38th square, which Josh purchases and names MaxxLand.

Proposal 21
Minister of Right

I propose that if you are fined by the Admin for money you can make that back by going back a predetermined amount of squares on the board. Ex: $100, 1 square. Or how many the Admin sees fit.

Rejected. We can't have folks running out of our National Parks! Also, according to the rules, being fined works the same as paying for an item, so it makes buying things way too trivial.

6 3 to the 10th square.

Proposal 22

I hereby propose that:

The 50th square of the board be known as "The Carnival." This square does NOT belong to The Government, is NOT Public Property, and can be purchased by any player by following the rules on purchasing squares.

The owner of The Carnival may not charge rent from those who land there. However, the owner may choose to sell Exciting Carnival Goods (see below) to anyone who lands on The Carnival by declaring The Carnival open for buisness by notifying the admin. Anyone who wishes to purchase Exciting Carnival Goods may do so after being notified by the admin that they have landed there, the owner of The Carnival cannot deny any specific player or players the right to purchase. If a player does not notify the admin of his desire to purchase something at The Carnival before the next update, then that player cannot purchase anything until he/she lands on The Carnival again. The owner may take any amount of Exciting Carnival Goods he or she desires anytime he/she lands there (subject to limitations below) by informing the admin before the next update. No one may purchase or take Exciting Carnival Goods from The Carnival if it is not open for buisness, excluding the owner. The owner may declare The Carnival closed at any time by notifying the admin.

Exciting Carnival Goods: At the moment, one can purchase the following fun, inexpensive, possibly tasty, and most definitely EXCITING items at The Carnival:

All money paid to The Carnival goes to The Carnival owner. However, the owner of The Carnival must pay the Government $40 per update that The Carnival is open for buisness, for utilities. If the owner has the money, he has no choice but to pay, but if he or she does not have sufficient funds, then the owner forfeits any earnings from The Carnival from the previous update and The Carnival is closed for buisness until the owner pays the Government $250, or The Carnival's ownership changes.

Accepted as its own section in the rules. This implicitly adds the 50th square to the board, which has the effect of making it seven squares wide instead of six squares wide, which might dramatically change the value of some of your property. Oh, and did you say "being present in a hex"? We have squares. For now.

5 5 to Duck's Pond. Doubles! 4 6 to the 21st square, with option to buy.

Proposal 23

In order to gain right to vote on Government issues, the player must register as a voter. This can be done for a one-time fee of $100 (administration costs, postage & handling, etc) to the Government.

Accepted in Section X.

4 5 to Duck's Love Nest.

Proposal 24

New rule proposal: "New rules must comprise six words." ...Noting in passing that this says nothing about modifications.

Rejected. I'm not trying to get toy rules here, but ones that work. And I'd like the average person to be able to propose rules that parse correctly. Besides, I'm the one adding new rules, rewording what y'all propose.

5 2 to The Gates of Dawn, paying $8 to Mikail who pays $2 to The Corporation.

Proposal 25

The owner of a utility that is located next to the factory receives 1/2 of the fine received by the factory as payment for utility services to the factory.

Accepted into Rule X, because I assume you mean The Large Factory. Yeah, The Large Factory might lose cash if there are too many utilities near it.

4 4 to the 27th square, without option to buy because Duck does not have enough funds to purchase the square. Doubles! 5 2 to the 34th square.

Proposal 26
Pewter Hat

At a cost of $20 for every player in the game at the time, a player may purchase an extra die from the Corporation. This die may be used at anytime afterwards in addition to any regular die rolls. The extra die may be used in one of two ways. First if the player E-mails the Admin. requesting that one of eir extra dies be used, and two, if the player rolls three or less, the admin will give the player an option of using the extra die.

Accepted as a new section, with a slight modification. All players must request to use their extra dice.

4 4 to the 9th square. Doubles! 5 6 to the 20th square.

Proposal 27

No two adjacent squares may be the same color, unless they are both White. If the color of a square changes to the same non-white color as one of its neighbors, then the neighbor's color changes randomly to a different non-white color. If Corporate and Government Colors exist then a Corporate color that is forced to change becomes a Government Color, and vice versa. (What luck, there are 6 of each!).

Rejected. Earlier today, when we added the 49th square we had a major shift in which squares were adjacent to which other squares. It's not clear how to apply your rule in a situation like that.

5 4 to Swan Lake. Death pays $25 (=$5x5) to Duck for use of the water treatment plant.

Proposal 28

That the Rule V.Prices 3. be adjusted to:
3. The market value of any polluted square is one-half of what the other rules contribute to its value.

And to be consistent change rule X.The Government 7. to:
7. The Corporation owns The Large Factory at the 22nd square. Any player landing on The Large Factory will be fined $75 and moved to the 24th square. The squares adjacent to The Large Factory are polluted; see section V.

(this pollutes squares #27, #21,

Accepted. I've categorized The Large Factory as a "pollutant square", and changed V-3 to be phrased in those terms.

2 5 to Duck's Love Nest.

Proposal 29

All government-owned property is colored Salmon. The Corporation manufactures any and all Salmon Paint at The Large Factory and does not sell it.

Rejected. I'm not as concerned with adding a fourteenth color as I am about what would happen if someone poured a can of paint on a Salmon square. Would it stay Salmon, or would the Government lose it? Or was this intended to be a one-time request to paint all squares?

3 3 to the 44th square, without option to buy due to a lack of funds. Doubles! 3 4 to Square One, with option to buy.

Proposal 30
Minister of Right

I propose that if you are on a National Park and create a rejected proposal, you will not be fined the $10, yet the ten dollars will be sent to admission into the park. This ten dollars must be sent to the government if you land on a national park, but will not if you pass by one. You can avoid this tax by creating an accepted proposal upon landing on the Park, or within a week of landing on one. If you move and have not paid or avoided the tax you must must pay an extra $5.

Accepted. Basically, since park fees and rejection fines go to the same pool of money (and since I don't see that changing any time soon), the new rule boils down to: "Any player landing on a National Park must make an accepted proposal within a week of landing on the National Park and before leaving the National Park, or be fined an extra $5."

6 4 to the 20th square.

Proposal 31

Only the owner of a square may paint that square. (Right now Rule XIII 2 allows anyone occupying a square to paint it)

Rejected. I know what Rule XIII-2 says, and I like it. Muahaha.

5 5 to the 44th square. Doubles! 5 3 to the 2nd square, with option to buy.

Proposal 32

To become section #2 under "III. Ending The Game.": If at the end of an update there is a single player who is the only player who has any (positive) amount of money in his possession, that player is immediately declared the winner, and the game of Nomopoly ends.

Accepted, but it's going to be Rule III.3. Nice how this is consistent with the other rule added to Section III.

5 6 to the 32nd square, with option to buy. @p2 Proposal 33

Pewter Hat

There are a total of 106 squares on the Nomopoly board. If a player rolls a number that is above 106, e lands on square (total rolled-106).

Rejected. 106 squares seems excessive for now; I want to make sure the board is small enough that players go around often enough. Also, the method for advancing past the end of the board is already covered in VII.1.

2 4 to the 26th square, with option to buy.

Proposal 34

Hi...another proposal for a rule change. This one affects three rules...

VIII.1: change "owner" to "owner, or multiple partial owners. Decisions normally made by a single owner would be made by consensus of owners who collectively hold a majority percentage of the square."

VIII.4: change "any game item" to "any game item or fraction thereof".

VIII.5: add "If ownership is divided, rent is paid to each owner in proportion to the percentage owned."

Accepted. This is actually a bit frightening, but looks like a nice place to start. I'll have to alter VIII.4 a bit to make sure people won't be splitting Colorful Balloons or dollars, and make the bit about Corporate Colored squares' rent tax in VIII.5 match what you propose, but this looks like a good lead.

3 1 to the 12th square, with option to buy.

Proposal 35

Once all players have completed all of their turns for the week a Candyland Phase begins. In a random order, each player spins the Big Wheel of Colors (which has one slice for each non-white color that exists on the board) and advances to the nearest square of the color indicated. All effects of moving to this square are as normal.

If, at the beginning of a week, there are no white squares on the board, no normal Turns will be taken that week, and the Candyland Phase will be the primary means of movement.

Note that players move in the Candyland Phase irrespective of the number of proposals they have made.

Accepted, under the interpretation that "the nearest square" means the first square encountered. Neat rule, but, man, do you have to give two different board game owners reason to get mad for using their trademarked name?

5 2 to the 30th square.

Proposal 36

Players who are speeding for two (2) or more consecutive turns are fined $40 plus $15 for every turn in excess of the first two by The Government.

Accepted as VII-4.

3 2 to The Large Factory. Pabrowil is fined $75 and escorted to the 24th square. The Corporation pays Duck $38.

Proposal 37

The Nomopoly board shall never have more than 85 squares. It may have less, but it will never have more. Square #85 (if existing) shall be known as 'The End' and is the property of The Corporation's leadership, The Well-Pedicured Man, The Nicotine-Patch Man, Mouseboy, and The Flat-topped Man. Any player who lands on Square #84 or #85 shall be escorted back to Square #1 by Men In Salmon and then fined $45.

Rejected. Just as I didn't want to set the board at 106 squares now, I also don't want to limit its size in the future.

5 6 to the 12th square.

Proposal 38

If you own at least three squares of the same color, and no other player owns a square of that color, then said player is considered to have a block of squares consisting of all squares of that color. No other player may use that color for his/her square after a block has been established. Block establishment is automatic whenever this condition arises. A block must be at least 3 squares.

Accepted with modification, modifying Section VI (removal of definition of a block from that section), Section VIII, and Section XIII. Note that a player may own a block while some squares of the same color are left unowned (or owned by The Government), and if a player gets a hold of those squares, then the block will no longer be a block. Also, dumping enough paint on a block may reduce the number of squares below three.
Remember that rule about getting a proposal accepted before leaving the Mational Park or being fined $5 more? Well, with this new rule, I'm simply deciding that the park fee will be $10. It's true that someone might end up on a National Park if it were painted, but rewriting the rule this way makes things easier all around.

6 6 to Jumpworks Orange <14>, paying $14 to Josh who pays $3 to The Corporation. Doubles! 4 2 to the 20th square.

Candyland Phase

Current non-White colors on the board are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Indigo. Each player will now take a CL turn in random order:

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