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Week 4
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Admin Interruption

Some business type stuff:

All told, The Government makes $2036, not counting the $80 going to the Pot for the Lottery.

I also rearranged some of the rules, making only a few changes. I decided that squares which are utilities do not also charge rent.

Proposal 39
Dan Sanderson

I propose the following to be included into the ruleset: "The Government offers a service called Tefflonizing. For $300, one requested square will be coated with a permanent substance called Tefflon, which makes it impossible to paint over the current color of the square. Similarly, the Government offers a service called DeTefflonizing, also for $300, where one requested square will be treated with a DeTefflonizing agent, undoing the effect of Tefflonizing (the square can once again be painted different colors). Players may only Tefflonize or DeTefflonize squares they own. A player does not need to be on the square for the treatment to be enacted (the Government sends specialists out to do it)."

Accepted into Section XIII. We sent email back and forth; "Tefflon" intentionally has two f's.

1 2 + 4 5 to Duck's Love Nest.

Proposal 40

That the following Rules be created:

Accepted into a new section. The only effects of destruction are those you list in the second rule you propose. I'd try to come up with a good definition of "closest", but I'll burn that bridge when I get there.

4 1 to Cookie Shop, paying $9 to Cyberspazz who pays $2 to The Corporation.

Proposal 41
Minister of Right

I propose that a new color should be added to the non-profit organazation catagory. The color shall be grey OR eggshell and will be a school of some kind. Anyone who lands on this will not be fined or made to pay, but must have one pip subtracted form his next move on the reason that he was busy studying. The owner of this school must give it an Academic name of somesort.

Rejected. There are a few proposals like this this week (look below and you'll see them). There are enough interesting properties about colors that I don't want to start attaching extra meaning to them; I think it would be better to declare a square to be a university than to say that a square is a university by virtue of its color. Colors can change often, whereas statements that a square is a utility or is Property appear (for now, at least) to be fixed. Also, what happens if a non-academically named square gets turned Eggshell? Oh, by the way, thanks for the option on the new color-- I'll have a bit of trouble finding different-looking colors with initial letters if we start getting too many more.

4 4 to Gilliamville, paying $16 to Josh who pays $3 to The Corporation. Doubles! 1 2 to Feather Pillow Pudding.

Proposal 42
Pewter Hat

Any player may purchase glue for any square she owns at a cost of 10 dollars times it's ordinal number. If a player land on the square that is glued, they lose one die roll, if a player passes over a glued square she loses one from the die roll. Glue wears off after one gluing, but is otherwise permanent. A player is immune to the effect of her own glue. If the effect of the glue causes a player to land on the glued square the square is treated as normal. A player may not collect rent on a square as long as a player who has been glued remains on the square.

Accepted, nearly prompting me to make a new section about dice and cleaning up the turn rules. These "die rolls" that are lost are dice for movement, I assume, and not for, say, paying utilities. Also, when you say "Glue wears off after one gluing," I'm assuming you mean any sort of player/glue reaction. All in all, though, a really nice proposal. Did you and Minister of Right time this?

4 3 to Duck's Pond.

Proposal 43

The Carnival Food shall have a power--when it is bought and consumed, it will transport a player to the nearest possible square with the corresponding color: Red = Hot Dog; Orange = Deep-Dish Pizza; Yellow = Big Drink; Green = Jambalaya; Blue = Cotton Candy; Indigo = Buffalo Wings; Maroon = Popcorn; Khaki = Jalepeno Niblets; Navy = Nachos; Teal = Taco; Lime = Tamale; Fuschia = Burrito. If the corresponding color does not exist, they will be refunded their $30 for the food.

A player can purchase two foods in one trip to the Carnival-one they can use immediately, the other they can save as Left-Overs. If a player has Left-Overs, they can sell them to another player for $30. The new owner of the Food can use it ASAP.

Accepted, modifying Rule XV. This pretty much changes the nature of Greasy Carnival Food completely, but I figure it was left as a cute useless feature of the game simply to provide an opening like this. If a player eats some food whose matching color does not exist on the board, the player will not get a refund (caveat emptor). The Carnival could restrict what food it sold based on the board, but a player might buy food shortly before other players repaint the town. Also, I'm leaving the sale of Left-Overs out of the rule, letting the free trade between players cover this. (And, personally, I think that Big Drink ought to be Orange, but that's another story.)

5 3 to The Toy Shoppe, paying $12 to Geppetto, who pays $2 to The Corporation.

Proposal 44

Change Rule IV.2 to: If a player "is fined" or "loses" some amount of money to the admin or The Government then the amount is subtracted from the player's money and added to The Government's money. If a player, the Source "pays" some amount of money to another entity in Nomopoly, the Dest, then the amount is subtracted from the Source's money and added to the Dest's money.

Accepted. Actually, it makes IV.4 fairly redundant, so I'm merging them. I guess that makes IV.5 the new IV.4 now. Well, don't worry about it; it's what you all expect. Oh, and I'm going for my favorite naming of players (He and She) instead of Source and Dest.

4 4 to Duck's Revenge. Doubles! 5 4 to The Large Factory, at which Pabrowil is fined $75 and moved to the 24th square. The Corporation pays Vynd and Duck $38 each for use of their utilities.

Proposal 45

I propose that a experimental technology factory be placed on any gov't square available (square 51 if none are available). The factory is Corporation owned and cannot be purchased, but has a $50 entry fee. Any player who lands here may purchase new technology for a price by paying the entry fee. Beginning items are:

Accepted, adding the 51st square to the board. Since it's a factory, I'm making it a pollutant. Check the ruleset for how I described the powers of the Warp Bubble; I'm not if that's what you had in mind or not.

4 2 to Duck's Pond.

Proposal 46

Any action that can be performed while a player is in the square he occupied at the end of an update can also be performed retroactively in any of the squares he landed in in the course of that update.

Accepted into Section IX (Proposals), of all places. These actions are a first come, first served kinda thing, and they will not be retroactive. I mean, suppose you say "After P46, I buy this square", and then everyone else in the game lands on that square; you won't be getting the cash for it. This seems a little redundant with the whole option-to-buy thing; I wouldn't mind seeing that rule go away with this one in place.

5 3 to The Beat Bar.

Proposal 47

I propose that if a player lands on a square that is labelled as a "park" (be it a National Park or otherwise), then said player shall, in addition to any other fees, etc., pay the owner of the square that directly precedes (in board order) the "park" square, $5 as a tourist fee for travelling through their square to reach the "park."

Accepted. Any square with the word "Park" in its title counts as a park, as does anything in the National Park system.

5 6 to the 27th square, with option to buy.

Proposal 48

I hearby propose that:

Section IX on proposals have the following inserted between rules 4 and 5:

"If a player has 5 consequtive proposals accepted by the admin, then that player will have an extra turn granted to him. This turn is above and beyond those earned by the submission of his proposals, and will take place after all other players have taken their last turn for the week."

The rules for this section should then be renumbered accordingly (but you knew that).

Rejected. Once someone gets on a roll with five or more proposals, they'll be getting extra turns up the wazoo, and I think it would mightily unbalance the game. Also, this is the sort of thing that I will always mess up, forgetting to check up on things. Also, I'd rather see nice proposals that I have to reject than pithy proposals that a player is sure will get acceptance.

3 1 to The Toy Shoppe, paying $12 to Geppetto who pays $2 to the Corporation.

Proposal 49
Dan Sanderson

Players will each belong to one of four Teams: The North Team, The South Team, The East Team, or The West Team. When this proposal is accepted, all current players will be evenly distributed across the teams. From that point on, new players will join the team with the least number of players, randomly distributed with uniform probability when ambiguous.

Each team has a base that consists of a group of squares, dynamically determined as the boardstate changes. In determining which squares are part of which base, consider all of the squares if the "last" row is "full" (if the northern-most row has as many squares as the rest of the rows), or all of the squares except the "last" row if it is not "full". Each base includes all of the squares on their appropriate side of that region, except the two end squares (which would otherwise overlap with another base). For example, given Rule VI.3, on a board with 100 squares: the South Base would consist of squares 2-9; the North Base would consist of squares 92-99; the East Base would consist of squares 20, 21, 40, 41, 60, 61, 80, and 81; and the West Base would consist of squares 11, 30, 31, 50, 51, 70, 71, and 90.

If a player rolls with the number of pips totaling a multiple of 13, she may opt to do one of three things: 1) if a player not on her team is in her base, she may send that player to the lowest-numbered square of his base, taking $30 from him in the process, and shouting "So Sorry!"; 2) she may trade places with any player not in his own base; or 3) do nothing special.

Accepted, modifying rules all over the place. I've also defined "corners" of the board, making the definition of bases a bit easier (I hope). This rule made me finally crack down and create a section devoted to dice, shuffling bits from other rules around. Check the player list to find out your team.

2 6 + 3 1 to the 29th square.

Proposal 50

The Corporation sells a fiendish exposive called the "Blockbuster." For the bargain basement price of $300, they'll deliver it to the square of your choice, armed with a one week timer. If the week passes without any player stumbling across the explosive (that is, landing on the square), the explosive destroys the square and all members of its block. The person who placed the bomb will not disarm it. To warn the populace of this threat, the Government has plastered all Public Property with warning notices. There are, in fact, so many notices that each square of Public Property has become a random Government Color.

Accepted, but the Blockbuster is going to be an Experimental Technology. Random colors have been selected.

4 3 to Gilliamville, paying $16 to Josh, who pays $3 to the Corporation.

Proposal 51
Pewter Hat

Modify rule XVI to allow a player to have a choice adding or subtracting all extra die used in given roll. Additionally modify rule XVI to state explicitly that a Extra die may be used in any die roll. Modify rule VII to add if a player is speeding extra dice on the first roll. Additionally modify rule VII to add that the extra dice used in a move may not be used to determine speeding.

Accepted. Good thing I made the extra section on dice. I'm also going through and making sure the rules state who rolls dice for which events. (Like, the owner of the utility will roll for the fee, not the payer. Kind of arbitrary, but I think it's neccessary.)

4 6 to The Round Square, paying $10 (=2x$5) to Vynd.

Proposal 52

If a player paints one of their squares a color, then the rent of that square will be doubled. This way, painting a square will not be insignificant. Also, if one owns a block (which is defined in the current rules as three squares that have the same color, other than White) then the amount of rent doubles what it was under earlier conditions.

Rejected, mostly because of the first part. White squares can't collect rent, so painting is already significant. Also, this looks like rent isn't doubled for the square being colored, but doubled each time a player who owns the square paints it; that's mighty dangerous.

5 5 to The Large Factory, at which Josh is fined $75 and moved to the 24th square. The Corporation pays Vynd and Duck $38 each for use of their utilities. paying $75 to The Corporation. Doubles! 3 6 to the 33rd square.

Proposal 53

Dark Grey is a neutral square color. (not Government, not Corporation, not Non-Profit) There are no Dark Grey blocks.

A player may purchase a can of Dark Grey paint from any entity (including eirself) who owns a White square for $8 times the number of pips on the last die rolled by the Admin for the purchasing player. 50% of the purchase price goes to The Large Factory for production costs instead of to the entity.

Any rent collected on a Dark Grey square is only 75% of what it would otherwise be.

Rejected. As I said with the Eggshell proposal, I'm not convinced that colors should have any special properties. Although one might argue that the Corporate and Government Colors have properties that are essentially equivalent to this rent-reducing proposal, I point out that those are whole families of colors. Perhaps one day it might make sense to add half a dozen new colors, but I don't think today's the day, nor is it the day for adding one color at a time.

5 4 to Duck Crossing. (Duck has not set a toll on this Jumpgate, so Pabrowil does not even have to option of using it.)

Proposal 54

An Official Term is a word or phrase that describes a specific element, piece, action, concept, etc. used in the game, as referenced by the rules, player proposals, player actions, admin actions, etc. The License for an Official Term belongs to the player who creates the Official Term, by using it for the first time in a rule proposal, and defining it either explicitly or through the context of the proposal. Entities other than the player who holds the License for an Official Term must pay a Royalty of $1 to the License Holder for each use of the Official Term in proposals, actions and rules. Proposals that become rules cause Royalties to be charged to the proposing players only when they are proposed; thereafter, the Government is charged for continuing to use the Official Terms in the rules, at the rate of $1 per use per update paid to the License Holder.

Official Terms in use prior to this proposal belong to the Government, and are therefore considered Public Domain and can be used without Royalty. Official Terms created without their licensing explicitly defined also become Public Domain.

Side note: The purpose of this rule is to encourage the development of Important Concepts in the rules.

(Geppetto holds the license for the Official Terms "Official Term", "License", "Royalty", "License Holder", "Public Domain" and "Important Concept".)

Rejected. I see no feasible way for me to manage this without going crazy.

3 2 to the 20th square.

Proposal 55

I propose that any player who lands on Square 2 (Duck's Double Dip) shall first pay the owner of Duck's Double Dip any rent, fees, etc., for landing on Duck's Double Dip, and then have their last turn doubled (thus the name) so that they move in the same direction the number of pips already shown on the die upon landing at Duck's Double Dip. After moving to the next square (the doubled turn), then she shall be required to pay any rent, fees, etc., normally due for landing on and travel to that square. These fees paid in the doubled turn shall also (in addition) be paid to the owner of Duck's Double Dip (thus the name).

Accepted. I feel kinda bad about letting players give themselves cool squares, but you're the first to ask and the 2nd square is sort of piddly anyway. Ok, I'm convinced. But everyone should try to remember that players can take CL turns; this seems to be forgotten by everyone in their proposals. Oh, and I'm subtly patching the giant hole that occurs when the board has, oh, two squares.

6 5 to MaxxLand.

Proposal 56
Minister of Right

I propose that a tax shall be put upon exciting carnival goods. This tax must be payed by the owner and not by the people who buy the exciting goods, and that this tax money shall go to The Governement.

Rejected. Can you be a bit more specific about this tax? How much is it? When does it get paid?

2 4 to the 25th square, paying $10 in park fees. The 24th square is unowned, so no extra fee is paid.

Proposal 57

I propose a new rule, named "Best Friends": "Two players may declare themselves to be Best Friends. Best Friends charge only half the normal rent from each other (rounded down to the nearest whole number) when either of them lands on a sqaure owned by their Best Friend. To become Best Friends, two players must inform the admin of their desire to be be known as Best Friends via normal channels. Furthermore, the second player's message must arrive no later than two days after the first players. Either player in a friendship may declare it over simply by informing the admin. The status of any friendships should be made public knowledge (via the Webpage or whatever). No player may have more than one Best Friend at the same time, and no player may becomes Best Friends with anyone for at least 2 weeks after a friendship they are a part of is disolved (it takes time to get to know the new person, after all)."

Accepted into Section II and VIII. Mail from both friends must be received during the same week, not neccessarily merely two days apart.

3 5 to the 20th square.

Proposal 58
Dan Sanderson

One player will be secretly chosen at random, with uniform probability, to be the Murderer. When a Murderer is selected, she is informed via e-mail by the Admin. Only the Admin and the player will know who the Murderer is. The next three players to occupy the same square as the Murderer or a square adjacent to the square the Murderer occupies at the same time will become Victims. They will not know (right away) that they are Victims, but the Murderer will be informed. If at any time more players qualify for Victim-hood than there are spots available, the spots will be filled randomly with uniform probability. Two updates after a player becomes a Victim, he will get Sick, and will no longer be known as a Victim. There can only be three Victims at a time; similarly, when there are fewer than three, the next player that qualifies becomes a Victim. (Of course, when someone becomes Sick, it is announced by the Admin to all players.)

Players may accuse another player of being the Murderer by submitting the accusation to the Admin. A player may only have one accusation for each update. If a player submits more than one accusation before the next update, only the newest one is considered. When the update occurs, if a player made a correct accusation, they receive a reward of $1000 minus $100 for each update since the Murderer's first Victim was chosen, or $200, whichever is greater. The player shouts "Clues!", all Sick players are no longer Sick, all Victims (if any) are no longer Victims, and a new Murderer is chosen. However, if a player made an incorrect accusation, they are fined $10.

If all players not the Murderer become sick, the Murderer is awarded $100 for each week since her first Victim was chosen. The Murderer shouts "No Clue!", all Sick players are no longer Sick, and a new Murderer is chosen.

Rejected. This is another rejection due to my feared inability to successful implement the rule. With each proposal, I need to remember to update the proposal list, the rules, the board stats, and the player list; I don't have information handy about who is adjacent to whom. This might be fine if movement wasn't related to proposals and I could handle it all in one giant lump.

5 6 + 5 to the 45th square, paying $10 park fee. The 44th square is unowned, so no extra fees are paid.

Proposal 59

If a player does not have sufficient money to make a payment, that player is Bankrupt. All squares owned by that player become Government Owned. The player is paid the market value of these squares. If the player still does not have sufficient money to make the payment all of the money she does have is paid to her creditors, the player is marked with a Bad Credit Rating, and the payment is considered to have been written off as bad debt.

Accepted. It could cover voluntary payments a bit more strictly, but this is okay. The current players with a negative balance won't be affected by this rule until they have to make a payment...

1 5 to The Large Factory at which Death is fined $75 and moved to the 24th square. The Corporation pays Vynd and Duck $38 each for use of their utilities.

Proposal 60
Pewter Hat

Modify rule X to add that a quorum of five registered voters is necessary before the government can spend money.

Accepted. Right now we only have one registered voter, so your tax dollars might be going to waste.

4 3 to the 28th square, with option to buy.

Proposal 61

1.If a player has begun to use a color, that color can not be used by any other player.
2. If a block of a color has been made, then that color may no longer be used as to avoid confusion.

Examples of effects: Orange may not be used, it has been used three times. Indigo and Yellow can only be used by Death, and only two times more for each. Red can only be used by Mikail, and only twice more. Green can only be used by Pabrowil, and only twice more.

Rejected. Part 2 is already covered, and Part 1 seems to take a lot of fun out of this game.

4 6 to the 43rd square.

Proposal 62

If die with exactly one pip on it is rolled for a Sick player then, before any action as a result of that die takes place, the square the player occupies is painted Yellow and the player becomes Not-Sick. This rule overrides rule XIII.6.

Accepted. I'm not sure if you picked Yellow because you haven't seen how hideous some of the Government Colors look or if you're incredibly twisted. Could be worse; you could've based the effect on the way I graphically represent pollution.

2 2 to the 35th square, paying $10 in park fees, and nothing more because the 34th square is unowned. Doubles! 2 4 to Jumpworks Orange <41>, paying $45 to Josh who pays $9 to The Corporation.

Proposal 63

Geppetto is a Lawyer. A Lawyer is a player who serves as an advocate for Clients, seeking to defend their rights in the matter of fees, fines and other mandatory payments. A player becomes a Lawyer's Client by instructing the Admin he wishes to begin paying a weekly Retainer of $1 to the Lawyer. A Lawyer may refuse to Represent any particular player as a Client, either in advance by notifying the Admin before the player has paid a Retainer, or after the player has started paying a Retainer. If the refusal comes after payment of the Retainer, the player will be Represented by the Lawyer for the update in which the Retainer was paid. A Lawyer may also demand that any or all players must pay him a larger Retainer in order to be his Client. The Government and the Corporation may also Retain Lawyers.

If a Lawyer rolls doubles any time during an update, he has Gotten His Clients Off. Whereupon, instead of his Clients having to pay any fines or fees in that update to the Government, the Corporation, other Players, etc., they would instead pay 1/3 of the amount of the fines and fees to their Lawyer.

Only two Lawyers are permitted in the game at any given time. If a Lawyer has Clients and fails to Represent them in an update by failing to make any proposals that will result in his dice being rolled, he is Disbarred and cannot be a Lawyer from that point until at least ten updates have passed.

A player cannot have more than one Lawyer on Retainer. A player can Dismiss his Lawyer at any time prior to the processing of an update by informing the Admin he wishes to stop paying the Lawyer's Retainer.

Rejected. Suppose you were a Lawyer and right now you rolled doubles. Suppose one of your Clients had made three proposals higher up on the page, and paid out some money. At this point, I would have to go back and change the money of both your Client and those whom he paid, which might affect any player's options to buy, which might affect other players' options to buy. That would really blow big chunks for me.

4 4 to the 28th square. Doubles! 2 1 to Duck Crossing, which stil has no declared toll.

Proposal 64

Every player that wraps around the board (gets to the last square and continues her turn with the Square 1) shall receive $400.

Accepted, built into the algorithms for taking a normal turn and a CL turn. By the way, these algorithms are really similar, and probably could be combined into one better statement by someone else. Hint, hint.

2 4 to the 44th square.

Proposal 65

Ammend section IX. Proposals, part 4, to read: "When a player's proposal is judged by the admin, that player will take a turn, unless the admin rejects the proposal as a 'complete waste of time.' A proposal should only be rejected as a complete waste of time if it meets one or more of the following criteria: It makes no changes in the rules. It is incomprehensible. It is an exact duplicate of a proposal that has already been submited and rejected. Note that the admin, being the final word on all subjects, may choose not to reject a proposal as a complete waste of time, even if it meets the above criteria, unless he feels like it."

Ammend Section IX part 5 to read: "A player will be awarded $100 dollars for each accepted proposal. A player will be fined $10 for rejected proposal that was not rejected as a complete waste of time."

I figured it might be nice to include something in the rules to specificaly prohibit people from sending meaningless proposals just so they could take turns and move around.

Accepted. There's a new section describing complete wastes of time, squeezed in to be the new IX-4; I'm leaving out the second change you offer; if I get hit with a waste of time, the player must pay, PAY, PAY!

3 3 to the 26th square, with option to buy. Doubles! 4 3 to the 33rd square, with option to buy.

Proposal 66
Minister of Right

I propose a rule change for Section III-Ending the Game, Rule 2. I propose that a player can turn down becoming the winner and the game can continue.

Accepted as its own rule in Section III. We might have some problems if a player fulfills some win condition (owning a magic item or something), turns down the right to win, and then still has the magic item, causing us to ask him once more if he'd like to win.

4 4 to the 33rd square. Doubles! 5 3 to Jumpworks Orange <14>, paying $45 to Josh who pays $9 to The Corporation.

Candyland Phase

Current non-White colors on the board are Blue, Green, Indigo, Khaki, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Red, Teal, and Yellow.

Woo-hoo, finished off another week.

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