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Week 2
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Proposal 5

It seems silly that we can only make transactions amongst ourselves if a square changes hands, so I propose you strike the current VII.4, and replace it with: "If a player tells the admin of her wish to do so, she may transfer any game item that she owns to any other player."

Accepted. There aren't any "bad" things to have yet, but I can see where this might get ugly. For now, it seems like a nice way to make trades or donations.

3 4 to the 4th square. Death purchases this square and names it "Peanut Brittle Cottage".

Proposal 6

V. Prices
2. The "Market Value" of any square adjacent to Public Property is eleven times the cardnal number of that square.

Accepted. I'll add a definition of "adjacent" into the ruleset (as VI-5); if it's not what you meant, then feel free to propose a change.

2 2 to the 5th square, getting option to purchase. Doubles! 4 1 to the 10th square.

Proposal 7
Dan Sanderson

There shall exist on the Nomopoly web site a Government page. The contents of this page will include the current amount of money the Government has, a list of active proposals and their voting status, recent Government actions (passed proposals), etc. Creation and maintenance of this page will be the responsibility of the Admin.

Accepted into X-2, right near the phrase about "public record", but I won't implement it until there's some actual content to put on it.

2 5 to the 11th square.

Proposal 8

The squares #13 ,#14, #31, and #41 are to be known as 'Jumpgates'. Any player landing on one of these squares will be transported to the square that is the first square's backward version. Example-land on #13, go to #31. If you pass by them, you can not harness their effect. They can be boughten only by paying for both squares-you would have to pay for both squares #13 and #31 if you decided to buy one of them. 'Jumpgates', when boughten, can be used as toll bridges. The owner may agree on a toll less than $25 to allow another player to use the jumpgate. If the 'toll-ee' does not pay, they can not use the 'jumpgate'. 'Jumpgates' can not be destroyed unless by order of the Government or the Admin.

Accepted as Section XI, with some modifications to split it up into pretty little rules. This implicitly expands the board from 13 squares to 41.

2 2 to 14-- well, 41st square. Doubles! 2 4 to the 6th square.

Proposal 9

Winning the Game: There is only one way to win the game and that is by being the last player to have money. Once you are out of money, you can not rejoin the current game. When a winner has been named, the game ends immediately. (I am leaving it up to future rules to illiminate players from the game that have money but are not participating in the game.)

Rejected. I don't think broke players should be kept from making proposals.

Duck purchases the 11th square for $121, naming it "Duck's Pond". 4 2 to the 17th square, with option to buy.

Proposal 10

I propose that a player may create a utility square. Any player landing on the square must pay the owner 5 times the roll of the die. Each utility must be approved by the administrator, who may for any reason reject the utility. Option: Any player landing on a square NEXT to a utility must pay twice the roll of his die.

Accepted as Section XII. I'll put in the rules that a player can declare his square to be a utility. I'm not sure if the option is something that I have a choice of accepting separate from the proposal or not; I don't really like that idea. So I won't accept the option.

3 5 to the 9th square, which Cyberspazz purchases for $99.

Proposal 11

I propose that the owner of a square may choose a color for that square. The color must be one of the following: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, White. The cost of 'painting' a square shall be $50, or the 'market value' of the square, which ever is less. If the square is transferred to another Player, that Player may 'repaint' the square in one of the colors mentioned above.

Accepted as VI-6. This can make owning a block rather difficult.

3 4 to the 8th square, with option to buy.

Proposal 12

All squares that are (1) a multiple of five (2) not multiples of ten 3. higher than twenty are to be known as "National Parks". The government owns these and forces anyone landing there to pay them a fee of $5.

Accepted. Hmm... I think I'll change a couple of rules to set up The Government as the official owner of Public Property and such. It'll be cleaner.

4 6 to the 16th square, with option to buy.

Proposal 13

Players will be fined: Any player who does not submit a proposal for 2 weeks in a row shall be considered as an inactive player and be fined $50 the first week on the inactive player list. Each subsequent week, the fine shall be doubled from what it was the week before until such time as that player has a proposal published at which time she will be taken off of the inactive list and reinstated as an active player. Should she ever be considered as an inactive player in the future, then she shall start again on the inactive list as before ($50, $100, $200, ...). If a player who is on the inactive list should run out of money, then that player shall be taken out of the game for the rest of its play.
(This is to encourage game play and to discourage lame ducks (haha) who would keep a winner from emerging.)

Rejected. Eventually, I think we'll be at a point where we're saturated with proposals. Also, currently, there are a lot of folks from Nomopoly I who are still on the player list, who should just be removed now instead of being punished. After all, if they decide to start palying in a week or two, they shouldn't be disadvantaged for playing in the first game.

3 3 to the 23rd square, with option to buy. Doubles! 3 5 to the 31-- 13th square, with option to buy.

Proposal 14

Add the following rules in a new section:

Accepted. But, you know, I won't have this override the earlier square-coloring rules. Muahaha. (Is this too mean? Propose a change.) New section created just for square coloring.

2 1 to the 7th square. Death purchases the square, naming it "Queen's Rook Six".

Proposal 15

The government has an evil side known as The Corporation. They own Square #22 and have The Large Factory there. No player may own The Large Factory or Square #22. Any player who lands on Square #22 will be fined $75 and be taken to Square #24. Squares #21 and #23 are heavily-polluted and can be boughten at half-price.

Accepted. Cool.

6 3 to the 25th square, paying the park fee.

Proposal 16

Any player that lands on square that is owned and named by another player shall pay such player rent. Rent shall be defined as 10% of current market value. Market Value shall be defined as any and all assets and expenditures on that property (such as the property itself, any buildings, etc...). Rent shall be in addition to any and all other rents, fines, or money due to landing on said property. Example: A property itself draws rent of 1/10 its purchase price. Example: A property with, for instance, a $100 building draws 1/10 the purchase price of the property and 1/10 the purchase price of the building.

Accepted. I won't add buildings' properties into the market value of a square; I'm having a hard enough time remembering to check where the Public Property's neighbors are.

4 2 to the 19th square, with option to buy.

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