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Week 1

Proposal 1
Dan Sanderson

Every square with an ordinal number evenly divisible by 10 is considered Public Property. Public Property is owned by an abstract entity known as The Government. Public Property may not be purchased by any player. No fine will occur to any player who lands on or passes through Public Property.

If and when a player is fined by The Government or the Admin, or otherwise pays money to The Government or the Admin, that money then belongs to The Government.

Players may propose to The Government how to spend its money. The Government's money can only be spent according the rules of the game pertaining to players spending money. When a proposal for Government expenditure is received, it is placed into public record. All players are then given the opportunity to vote "Yea", "Nay", or "Abstain" on the proposal. If 60% or more (rounded up to the nearest player) vote "Yea" on a proposal for Government expenditure, it is considered "passed", and the expenditure is made. If 60% or more (rounded up to the nearest player) vote "Nay", the proposal is considered "defeated". If 40% or more "Abstain" (such that it is impossible for the proposal to be passed or defeated by vote), the proposal "dies" (is considered "dead").

Proposals for Government expenditure that are passed or defeated may not be re-proposed. (Dead proposals can be "revived" with re-submission.) After two weeks (1 week = 7 days = seven 24-hour periods), all players who have not voted automatically "Abstain". Players vote by sending their vote to the Admin, via e-mail.

Accepted into a couple of different places. I'm altering the last sentence of your first paragraph (no reason that people should be blessed for other squares just for passing through Public Property). Note the change of IV-2 and IV-4.

3 2 to the 6th square.

Proposal 2

Any player who happens to roll doubles three times consecutively goes to jail. Jail is located at square #8. A player in jail can only escape by paying a bond of $50 or returning to Square #1. Any person passing by or landing on Square #8 does not go to jail, they are just visiting. The Jail square can be purchased, and the owner of the Jail square will then receive the $50 bond instead of the bank.

Rejected. I recognize what you're tring to do with this rule (it's suspiciously like That Other Game), but it needs more rigor. If the 8th square is Jail, how is it that people land in it don't go to Jail? Perhaps a word describing those who belong in Jail and those who don't would make it easier to put this into the rules. Maybe a change in movement rules or a change in how the board works is an easier way to realize this rule.

4 5 to the 10th square.

Proposal 3

I propose that any player having a proposal accepted shall be awarded $100. If a proposal is rejected, then that player is fined $10.

Accepted into Section IX. I guess if you want The Government to have more money, there's now a simple way to donate.

6 4 to the 11th square.

Proposal 4

Since updates are going to be spaced so far apart, I propose that IX.2 be replaced with: " If a player submits a proposal while three of her proposals are still undecided, then the oldest undecided proposal is discarded to make room for the new proposal."

And that the following rule be added: "If a player has more than one undecided proposal, her second undecided proposal will not be judged until after each player who submitted a propsal has had one proposal judged. Likewise her third proposal will not be judged until after everyone else has had two judged."

Note: this is the same system by which houses are placed in a group in Monopoly, I think. (the Even-Building Rule)

Accepted, with modification into Section IX. The rule you propose to add is being modified so that it only totals the number of undecided proposals.

5 4 to the 10th square.

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