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Week 11
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Introductory Stuff
Tivol The Goverment has $22492, so it will disperse $7492 among the 17 players. Since I'm the admin, I've decided to give the surplus to the SBA, making it comes out to $440 per player with the extra $12 going into the SBA.

The collected $300 from the Anti-White tax gets distributed between Death (two shares), Duck, Geppetto, Mikail, Moonchilde, Pabrowil, Pewter Hat (two shares), Pit Bull, and Vynd (two shares), at $25 per share. Now it's time for a fairly short week:

Proposal 212

Given that the current state of victory conditions make it impossible to win, I request that Section III of the rules be removed, and replaced with the following. While I realize that this proposal removes some of the conditions currently on winners, I believe it keeps the feel of the current rules while making it possible to actually win the game. Note it gets rid of the wording about potential winners, and leaves ways to add other ways of ending the game, or completely different methods for being named the winner (one of which is my next proposal). It also allows for more conditions to be set on those methods if so desired.

  1. The game will end immediately (and perhaps drastically) should the admin ever receive serious and irreconcillible legal threats from the manufacturers of any board game.
  2. The game will end immediately should any player be named the Winner of the game.
  3. A Player shall be named the Winner of the game if at the end of an Update, a Player meets the following criteria: a) that Player owns one square of every Non-White Color b) that Player owns at least one Block c) that Player does not have a Bad Credit Rating d) that Player was not Sick during any portion of the previous Update. e) that Player has more Nomopoly money than any other Player.

Accepted with the $100 magical bonus. I'm not sure that the game is still going to be won by anyone at this rate, but this is a start.

Proposal 213

Title: $4.95 Postage and Packing
A player may purchase any item available on the board, regardless of their current location. However, if they are not on a square which sells the item they want, they will be liable for an additional delivery cost, of $50 plus $5 times the distance between their current square and the Store they are buying the item from (or the Factory, wherever the item is normally sold). This additional fee goes to the Store Owner.

Rejected. Players can already pay a (slightly higher) price to do the same thing by using Easy Movement of some sort or another.

Proposal 214
Pit Bull

The rules for goods shall include a list of shops were the item is sold. Players that already own a shop may ask the admin to include additional goods in the list (action!).

Rejected. The product list puts all products into a category (like "Caffeiniety" or "Experimental Technology"), and each Store lists what Products it sells by category. Also, owners can't randomly add Products to their list of saleable items because not all Products would fit their Store's Theme.

Proposal 215

If at any time the rules, whether by accident or intent, do not permit the game to continue but do not declare a clear winner, the game will be considered to be Messed Up, and the status of winner will be shared among those players who have contributed zero proposals and are thus without blame for the game being Messed Up.

Accepted. Feel free to come up with a better way of determining winners in such a case.

Proposal 216

A Player shall be named the Winner of the game if at the end of an Update, a Player owns more than 50% of the game board.

Accepted. I'll make sure the player named Winner is the same as the one who owns a lot.

Proposal 217

Title: Gratuitous Attempt to Put My Square in the Rules before the Typhoon
If any player on the Watertower rolls dice showing a 5, they accidentally open the Watertower door, causing them to be flooded. This flood has the same effect as one of Vynd's Hot Spring Baths, but the player spends the next week being given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and hence may not make any proposals the week after they are flooded.

Accepted. Sure, at least you're honest.

Proposal 218
Pit Bull

Title: Revamp Government Voting
Create a new X.2: A proposal may be used to propose to the Government how to spend its money. Normal procedures for proposals apply. If the proposal is accepted, it is placed into public record, a page maintained by the Admin. All players who are registered to vote are then given the opportunity to vote "Yea", "Nay", or "Abstain" on the proposal. When all votes have been processed, and there is a quorum of five registered voters that have voted on the proposal, the votes in each category("Yea", "Nay", or "Abstain") are tallied up. If the category with the most votes has received at least two more votes than the next most voted for, the proposal is considered "Passed", "Defeated" or "Dead"(most players vote Yea, Nay or Abstain resp.). If the proposal is passed, the expenditure is made.

Accepted for the magic $100 bonus. Maybe Government Proposals will be useful now. I'll put the two-week-Abstain limit back in, though.

Proposal 219

If a player ends three consecutive updates on the same square, he has established a Homestead on that square, and thereafter does not have to pay rent for landing there. A Homestead is not affected by change of ownership of its square.

Accepted, but it will be the players' duty to inform me that they have set up a Homestead.



Then, the real players: And now the CL turn: And, the Phantom Piece is on Lime, so Jason Coleman, Minister of Right, and Ra each pay $300 to The Government, which, in turn, pays $64 each to Cyberspazz, Dan Sanderson, Death, Duck, Geppetto, Josh, Mikail, Moonchilde, Pabrowil, Pewter Hat, Pit Bull, Slakko, The 34th Veil, and Vynd.

Oh, and with no Lottery Tickets bought, the lottery rolls over to next fortnight..

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