This page is intended for the use of players of NomiCam, the nomic set in Cambridge University. Check the NomiCam home page for more details. If you're not a Voter, this is a map of Camford, the city that NomiCam is set in. NOTE that  William West Midlands college (MARTIN) is underneath the Cam.
EAST      -5        -4        -3        -2        -1        0        1        2        3

0                                                Sewer   ScotsPine   Fermat
                                                         PolarRsch   (JACK)

-1                                      Cam      Merity   Senate    Modern
                                      [WWMids]    Hall     House   Languages
                                      [UNDER]    (JON)              Library

-2                                    Scudamore's                 Laboratory
                                                                    Complex  Raddelard

-3     House Of     New       St.     Porker's    Death    Lecture
         Usher    Museums  Bassett's   Piece       Van      Hall
        (SEBI)      Site    (ALEX)                         Complex

-4                  Ring                      St. Herman's
                    Road                        (DUNCAN)

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Despite the above set of rather Jack-style links <cough>, this page is not actually part of the NomiCam complex on Jack's site on GeoCities: it is in fact an entirely unconnected organism. Well, apart from the obvious connections. And links. Okay, in fact it is fairly connected but you know what I mean...

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