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This is the NomiCam game history, containing all the important NomiCam events.

Game 1

May 11: NomiCam declared war on OxNomic.
The city of Camford was revealed to the world.

May 13: The (now infamous) rule 307 trashed 5 proposals that otherwise would have passed.
Nevertheless, the ruleset filled up with ABBA references.
The NomiCam currency came into existence.

May 16: Everybody has now chosen a Camford College:

Martin          William West Midlands College.
Sebi            The House of Usher.
Duncan          St. Herman's College.
Jon             Merity Hall.
Jack            Fermat College.
Will            Raddelard College.

May 19: (Morning)
Jack set fire to the NomiCam complex due to friction.

ALEX CHURCHILL joined the game, with his college being St. Bassett's.

MARTIN and WILL have won game 1! Game 2 now starts...

Game 2

May 27: JACK won game 2 with a great number of ABBA-linked proposals.

The city of Camford is now known to contain (as well as the colleges) these places:

Barbie's (a nightclub)
The Scots Pine Polar Research Institute
The HQ of the Camford University Debating Society

Also, everybody will now both:
A) Have to submit a tree reference in each proposal.
B) Get fined 10 points for gratuitous tree references in proposals.

Game 3

May 28: Jellybabies are the official confection of NomiCam.
Players now require less than -100 points to win.

May 28, later: Alex successfully claimed a win, thanks to 16 gratuitous tree references fining him 160 points.

Game 4

June 11: A lot has happened since the update:

Camford is now well set up and the places are defined.

Alex got another win thanks to -160 points from his transmutations failing.

The number of points required to win is now +150.

Game 5