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This is the second set of current rules: Numbers 501 onwards.

Rule 501 (JACK)
"Summer Night City"

It costs 3 CamPounds to get into Barbie's.

Rule 503 (JACK) 
"The Day Before You Came"

When a player who hasn't submitted a proposal before submits a 
proposal, all players shall gain n+a points, where n is the 
number of players in NomiCam at the time, and a is the number of 
apples in the game at the time.

Rule 504 (JACK)

Anybody found deliberately killing members of protected species 
shall be sent to jail.

Eagles nest in fir trees.

Rule 505 (JACK)
"I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do"

If a player submits a proposal and does not vote on it, e is 
assumed to have voted FOR that proposal.

Rule 506 (JACK)
"So Long"

If a player has to leave the game for a length of time, e must 
send a letter saying so to the mailing list, together with when e 
will be back. It is not necessary to pine for em.

Rule 507 (JACK)
"Honey, Honey"

Bees like to nest in trees, 
especially apple trees.

Rule 508 (JACK)
"The Visitors"

Anybody who doesn't belong to a college is kept at bay unless a 
member of the college can vouch for them. 

Rule 510 (JACK)
"On and On and On"

Anybody putting a gratuitous tree reference into a proposal shall 
be fined 10 points and an apple.

Rule 511 (JACK)
"Ring Ring"

poles are usually made of pine.

Rule 513 (JACK)

Jack can't gain or lose points, apples, CamPounds, or any other 
measure of game progress from any proposal containing the words 
'Leah Morin'.

Rule 515 (JACK)
"When I Kissed the Teacher"

Nobody may gain any advantages in NomiCam by trying to seduce the 
Speaker. They won't even gain an apple.

Rule 516 (JACK)
"I am the City"

Camford shall be laid out on a square grid system. Each place in 
Camford has a map reference North and East. The Scots Pine Polar 
Research Institute is at (0,0). Map references must be pairs of 

Two places are ADJACENT if their North references are within 1 of 
each other, and their East references are within 1 of each other. 
The Speaker shall sort out map references based on given adjacencies.

Rule 517 (JACK)

There exists a country called Greece. Its capital city is Athens.
It has a great collection of mythology. It is not known whether 
it has any inhabitants called Rowan.

Rule 518 (JACK)
"Under Attack"

NomiCam shall take any precautions necessary (nuclear missiles, 
giant redwoods, big swords etc.) to guard itself against OxNomic.

Rule 519 (JACK)
"When All is Said and Done"

There exists a Camford University Debating Society. Its 
headquarters are adjacent to the Scots Pine Polar Research 

Rule 520 (JACK)
"The Way Old Friends Do"

No two players may be at war with each other for more than a 
week, otherwise the Speaker shall fine them each an apple.