[Nomic02] stuff

Dylan O'Donnell nomic02@wurb.com
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 09:27:24 +0100

Carl Muckenhoupt wrote:
> Psmith, I appreciate your offer, but (a) the error-checking seems very
> important, as the current complexity of the rules means we're both making
> mistakes fairly frequently, and (b) the map is actually the most
> time-consuming part of the site, so letting someone else do everything
> *but* the map wouldn't help much.

That's fair enough. (Access _to_ edit the website could still be
handy, though, to update omissions directly if they're simple fixes.)

> I do have some hopes that the map will become easier to maintain now that
> all the current damage has been healed.

With the exception of West of House's one point from jwalrus' bomb.

(I now fully expect to see that be healed on your next turn...)

> If people really want to extend the game, I'm willing to change my vote.  
> But we seem to be in one of those periodic lulls where people are
> forgetting their turns.

In jwalrus' case at least, he's currently away from his normal net
access, so has an excuse.

>  This is actually another concern I have with moving the goalposts:
> if we move them every time there's interest in continuing the game,
> then the only time the game can end is after everyone has already
> lost interest.

It's not so much that there's continuing interest (or at least, that's
necessary but not sufficient); it's that some of the recent changes
introduced need a certain amount of time to take full effect, and
they're unlikely to get it with the current target, which would be a
shame. Multi-Dark-Gift combos would be fun to see in action.

> I don't want that to happen.  It's lame when nomic fizzles out.  We
> have an ending that we agreed to some time ago, and I think it would
> be good to stick to it.

If it does seem at any point to be fizzling, I for one intend to make
a proposal bringing the winning post back within a couple of turns'
reach of whoever the leader is at that point, so it can finish

> But since this lull started immediately after my refusal to cooperate on
> moving the goalposts, I'm worried that I may be actually causing the
> fizzle instead of preventing it.

Mmm. Indirectly, I think, in that some of the outstanding proposals
are predicated on it to some extent.

> So: I change my vote on Moving the Goalposts [Psmith] to Aye.  But
> please, let's not do a Sonny Bono on this and keep extending the
> game indefinitely.

The slippery slope will be resisted :-)

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