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10 Dec 00 - BiNomic starts with the Initial Ruleset

13 Dec 00 - passed "Majority Rule" and "Arena Judge" amendments. Britta is First Judge.

14 Dec 00 - passed "Definitions" amendment.

15 Dec 00 - passed "Player Revision" amendment. Britta goes on Leave, James is Judge.

17 Dec 00 - passed "Rules Submission Eligibility" and "Becoming Senator"

19 Dec 00 - the first Rule is approved! passed "Roll Call" and "Senator on Leave"

20 Dec 00 - "Subject Headings" and "Holiday" pass

21 Dec 00 - "Spelling Bee," "Vote Once," "Amendment Life Cycle," and "Winter Break" all pass.

22 Dec 00 - "Chips," "Webmaster," "Speaker," and "Justice" all pass. "Offices" passes. Point Votes for the Offices of Speaker, Webmaster, and Justice begin.

23 Dec 00 - Ottis initiates a Roll Call

28 Dec 00 - "Queue" passes.

3 Jan 01 - Ottis, Marc, and Chris elected Justice. Mark elected Speaker and Webmaster.

8 Jan 01 - Mark initiates a Roll Call. A record 14 Proposals are pending before the Senate. Round 1 of the Arena has seemingly reached a logical dead-end, thanks to Ottis. Ottis is declared the winner of Round 1!

9 Jan 01 - The Court, Definition of Rules, Precedence, Shiny, Time Standard, and
Housekeeping all pass.

10 Jan 01 - Round Progression, Really Shiny, and Senators Only pass.

13 Jan 01 - Arena Judge, Judicial proxy, and Officer Cleanup pass.

16 Jan 01 - Chief J Proxy passes.

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