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The Arena is currently in Round 2

The Judge is Ottis

0. GO

1. The First Rule After Go
The Rules are all arranged in a conceptual cycle such that if proceeding in
a clockwise direction, then after the first rule comes the second rule,
then the third rule, and so on, and after the last rule comes a fictitious
null-rule called GO (numbered 0), after which is the first rule again. New
rules are inserted between the last rule and GO. Each rule may have a
Landlord, except GO which never has one. Initially all rules have no
Landlord. Each player has a Token, which must be located on a rule or GO.
All tokens are initially located on GO.

2. Turns
Every Rule submission shall be accompanied by the description of some
Active Player's turn at a fictitious monopoly-type game. The Player whose
turn is described shall not be the person submitting the Rule.

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