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406/1: A lump of Coal - Accepted

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Each player may be either Naughty or Nice. Players are Nice until they are defined to be Naughty.

The Central point of the Board shall be defined as 'The North Pole'. Once a year (on or after December the 25th, as appropriate depending on turns) each player shall receive a Gift from the denizens of the North Pole. If that player is nice, it may be anything they want (limited to items that exist within the game already). If they are Naughty, it shall be a lump of Coal.

The terrain of the North Pole is defined as:

'Snow': DIFFICULT and BARREN. Also FREEZING and WET, which are currently undefined but hey :-)

By ccooke, Proposed: 2003-12-23 04:12, Last Modified: 2004-01-13 07:01 (2 weeks, 6 days later)

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