The Nomic Of Many Intricate Creations
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There exists within this game of Nomic various different types of terrain, which may be aplied to squares of the board. This rule defines basic types and classes of terrain; other rules may add new types of terrain using the same or additional classes. Other rules may not edit this rule just to add new terrain types or classes.

Each type of terrain may belong to more than one class. If two classes contradict, the most extreme penalties take precedence.

In the following, an 'action' is taken to mean a move. Under the rules as of this writing, players have one action per cycle.

Where a player has fractional actions remaining, round them up for the purposes of attempting to spend 1 or more actions.

I'm defining three types of class in this rule. More may be added later by others. These types reflect: Movement, Growth of living stuff, type of terrain.

For growth of living stuff: Players may sow a unit of plants in any square their avatar stands in, if they have such a unit. A unit of plants counts as an item of food.

The classes are:

(with respect to movement)

IMPASSABLE: No playing piece may move into this square

DIFFICULT: Movement into this square takes two actions (as the rules state when this was written, this would mean two turns)

PASSABLE: Movement into this square takes one action

EASY: Movement into this square takes half an action

TELEPORT: Movement into this square is free

(with respect to greenery)

FUCKED: Anything living in this square dies. Any rule defining a living this must take this into account.

NASTY: Nothing is going to grow here. Living things brought into this square will leave or die. (see "FUCKED" re other rules)

BARREN: Things don't really grow, but they'll just about survive.

LIMITED: If a crop is planted here, it will yield a copy of that crop every three cycles.

GREEN: If a crop is planted here, it will yield a copy of that crop every two cycles

ABUNDANT: If a crop is planted here, it will yield a copy of that crop every cycle.

(with respect to types of land)

ROCKY: Rocks may be found here. Really.

FORESTED: Wood may be found here. Amazing, huh?




And so to types of land:






And just for fun:


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