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379/5: Consistency Good - Draft

Rules will not change their numbers unless the rules state that the rule's number will change.

Modify Rule 108 to be mutable. Then Remove the second paragraph ("If a rule is repealed and reenacted, it receives the number of the proposal to reenact it. If a rule is amended or transmuted, it receives the number of the proposal to amend or transmute it. If an amendment is amended or repealed, the entire rule of which it is a part receives the number of the proposal to amend or repeal the amendment.") Modify Rule 108 to be immutable again. Remove the previous 4 lines and this one from the rule.

[This rule requires unanimity, but it is one that the Admin should have made before the game started. If anyone intends to vote against this, could we please discuss it on the mailing list first and resolve that problem instead of letting this continue another week. Rho is right, this rule is non-good]

By Aquarion, Proposed: 2003-10-21 12:10, Last Modified: 2003-10-21 04:10 (15 hours, 58 minutes later)

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