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377/1: On the status of players - Accepted

Players have a status. This status may be one of:

Active Absent Sabbatical Resigned

An active player is a normal player. Any player who has not performed some kind of action within the nomic (including, but not limited to, voting, proposing, judging, moving a playing piece, or arming a bear) in two weeks is deemed absent. Any player who wishes so shall be given the status "sabbatical", both Absent and Sabbatical may be returned to Active status by a single message to the mailing list.

Absent or Sabbatical players may not vote or propose, may not collect any tithe or rule, and may not have their personal game state (including wealth, piece position) modified with these exceptions:

1) A player who is judge will be stripped of that title in favour of the next in line.

A player may designate themselves retired. A retired player loses all possessions and titles, will not be counted as a player in any calculations from that moment forth, and cannot vote. Any unique items he or she owns at time of retirement are either:

1) Dropped in the game square of a playing piece of their choice or 2) Distributed randomly to the other players

To be decided by the player, or else the current Judge.

By Aquarion, Proposed: 2003-10-20 11:10, Last Modified: 2003-11-02 05:11 (1 week, 5 days later)

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