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364/2: On a different kind of precedence - Rejected

Every rule has a precedence. A precedence is one of the following, in order from lowest to highest - "Low", "Normal", "High", "Very High", "Immutable". Unless explicitly stated otherwise, a rule has precedence "Normal". A proposal that would create a rule with precedence "High" must be passed with at least 75% of the vote. A proposal that would create a rule with precedence "Very High" must be passed unanimously. Only an immutable rule may have precedence "Immutable", and an immutable rule must have precedence "Immutable".

If two or more rules conflict:

* Rules with a higher precedence level take precedence over rules with a lower precedence level

* For rules with the same precedence level, the rule with the lowest number shall take precedence

This rule has precedence "Very High". [It will not require unanimous approval to pass, I believe].

This rule cannot coexist with proposal 361. If both this proposal and proposal 361 are passed, one of them will be randomly selected to be repealed immediately.

By Jason, Proposed: 2003-10-15 12:10, Last Modified: 2003-10-26 10:10 (1 week, 3 days later)

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