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328/1: On the role of the administrator - Rejected

At any time, exactly one player of Acronomic shall also be considered the game's administrator. Being the administrator shall offer the player no in-game benefits nor impose upon the player any in-game penalties. It is the duty of the administrator to keep the game running smoothly. At a minimum, the administrator must perform the following duties:

Provide a forum where Acronomic can be played which is accesible to all players. Provide a means for all permited players to make proposals. Provide a means for all permited players to vote. Tally votes, determine which proposals pass and which fail, and report these results to all other players. Assign judges as appropriate. Keep a copy of the current rules somewhere where it is available to all players. Provide, upon request a list of all current players or any other information about the game-state. Perform any actions which any other rule states to be an administrative duty.

The administrator is also encouraged, but not required, to keep as much information as possible about the game on a webpage, and to take suggestions from other players about potential improvements to the way the game is administered.

If at any point the adminstrator is failing to perform their duty (this can be determined by judgement if necessary) then any other player may take over as adminstrator, provide they clearly provide all required administrative functions.

Repeal rule 304, make Aquarion administrator, and then remove this sentence from the rules.

By rho, Proposed: 2003-10-05 03:10, Last Modified: 2003-10-19 10:10 (2 weeks later)

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