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310/2: Excellent! Bogus! - Accepted

That a new rule be created with text as follows:

There exist two entities, one known as "Bill" and the other as "Ted". Both Bill and Ted are able to vote on proposals. For every proposal made which affects only mutable rules, there shall be a 10% chance that Bill will vote on it, and a 10% chance that Ted will vote on it (calculated independently). When they do vote, they are equally likely (determined at random) to vote yes or no. If they do not vote, then they are considered to have abstained.

Bill and Ted shall be considered players for the purpose of being able to vote on proposals. They shall not be considered players for any other purpose, and as such are not obliged to vote on all proposals.

By rho, Proposed: 1970-01-01 12:01, Last Modified: 2003-10-05 10:10 (33 years, 9 months later)

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