Summary of Scoring Effects

Rule 1-4
When Score Changes Take Effect

Scoring occurs at the time the event is made publicly knowable (sort of :-)

Rule 1-7-3
Paradigm Type: AntiVoting

When this Paradigm is active, Anti-Voting is voting to reject an accepted proposal or voting to accept a rejected proposal.

Players who anti-vote on a proposal shall gain

  1. one point if it was Modest.
  2. three points if it was Non-Modest.
  3. five points if it was Grandiose.

Rule 1-7-5
Paradigm Type: Flow Voting

When this Paradigm is active, Flow-Voting is voting to accept an accepted proposal or voting to reject a rejected proposal.

Players who flow-vote on a proposal shall gain

  1. one point if it was Modest.
  2. three points if it was Non-Modest.
  3. five points if it was Grandiose.

Rule 1-8

The following do not apply to newbies:

Proposal retraction: -2 points.
PW/CW-CFJ retraction: -3 points.
Misc retraction: -1 points.

Rule 1-99
The Dragon

Being killed by the Dragon: -10 points.
Defeating the Dragon: +20 Points per month the Dragon held the rule captive.

Rule 2-2
Scoring When A Proposal's Voting Results are Reported

Modest proposal accepted: Author 5 points. Voters 1 point.
Non-Modest proposal accepted: Author 10 points. Voters 1 point.
Grandiose proposal accepted: Author 16 points. Voters 1 point.

Modest proposal accepted: Author 4 points. Voters 1 point.
Non-Modest proposal accepted: Author 7 points. Voters 1 point.
Grandiose proposal accepted: Author 12 points. Voters 1 point.
Null proposal: No points gained or lost by anyone according to Rule 2-2.
Boring proposal: No points gained or lost by anyone.

Rule 2-2-2

Accepted Literature: Author gains the lesser of number of sentences and one fourteenth of the number of words quoted, in points.
Accepted Non-Modest Great Work: -7 points for voting against it.

Rule 2-2-4
Author -10 for failing to post the parade
Non-icy non-vacationing players: +1

Rule 2-2-5
Brass Monkey

When a streak of more than 9 accepted proposals is finished, the authors of the proposals involved gain +5 points per proposal up to +15 points.

Rule 2-2-6
Let there be Harf!

Harfy Proposal Accepted: Author +5
Funky and Stylish recipient: +5

Rule 3-2
Delivering Judgement

CFJ deadbeat: -10 points.

Rule 3-4
Overturning Judgements

Bad Judge Fine: 0 to -10, (-1)
Frivolous Appeal: 0 to -25, (-25)
Appeal penalties are undone if the appeal verdict is overturned.

Rule 3-6
Criminal Justice

CFCJ penalties as specified.
Penalties are reversed if verdict is overturned to FALSE after the grace period.

Rule 4
Players and Player States

Upon going on ice: score is reset to 0

Rule 4-1-2
Crazy French-Scotsmen

Penalty Reversal and move to next highest prime.

Rule 5-2
Politeness Moon

Yes, it was polite. : -2 to player who called the hearing.
No, it was not polite. : -3 to the player the hearing was called against.

Offices, Impeachment

Failed IP: -10 on the player who submitted it.

Rule 7-2-1
The Magic Potato

Owner of the Magic Potato: +3 on all accepted proposals
Owner of the Great Tuba: +1 on all accepted proposals

Rule 7-2-3
Steel Flea

When her wisdom is posted: +6
Failure to post her wisdom: -3
"Phoebe would not say anything so crass": -12

Rule 7-4-1
Convertible Economics

Once per fortnight a player may:

  1. Convert 10 points into a random Common Otzma Card.
  2. Convert 15 points into a random Normal or Common Otzma Card.
  3. Convert 20 points into a random Otzma Card.

A player may:

  1. Convert N points into (5 * N)/7 A$ for the purpose of purchasing a Party Chess Piece.
  2. Convert 10 points into a Benefyt
  3. Convert 1 points into 2 Ackadollars.
  4. Convert 2 points into 1 Mannna.
  5. Convert 10 Ackadollar into 1 Mannna.
  6. Convert 1 Mannna into 2 Ackadollar.

Rule 7-6

Contract penalty: as specified or -5 points

Rule 7-11
Prosthetic Foreheads

"Yes, 'is toppy's a copy." : player who described -2 points.

Rule 7-16-1
ASS Song: Chess Piece Face

+6 points for a complete nose description.

Rule 7-16-4
ASS Song: Ode to Joy

A player within 5% of the Happy Number may change their score to the Happy Number.

Players with the sad number gain one point.

Rule 8-2
End of Cycle

Scores reset to 0 at EOC.

Rule 8-2-2
Eggs and Fruit

A player who owns a Chartreuse Goose Egg may reduce their score to 0.

Rule 8-2-4
Commission d'Arts

Late commissioners -2 points.
Recipient in Gaol -5 points.

Rule 8-6
Winning by Agenda

Owning a Nemisis Eggplant who's condition was part of an Agenda win: score reset to -40.

Rule 10-1-2-1
The Ackanomicon

Vile prophecies: -5
Inner workings: -5
Terrorising pages: -15
Forbidden Fruit: -20

Rule 10-1-10
Ackanomic Records

"How dare you place a copy in our totally original records. : -5 points for each song the hearing was called against.

Rule 10-1-11
La Luna

A player in Kansas gains 5 points the first time (on any given trip to Kansas) that they send a message, describing the moon Kansas and all its strangeness, containing at least 250 words, none of which are a colour, except for white, sepia, and black, should black ever be a colour.

Rule 12-1
Games & Contests

No more than 20 points per calendar month per player.
Fair Play Award = 1 point

Rule 12-3-2
If it was not a Duel:
< 4 players began the game, the winner receives four points.
4 < x < 8 receives points equal to the number of players that began the game.
otherwise +8 points.

Rule 12-3-8

All winners split 8 points evenly. If the number of winners does not divide evenly into 8, however, the number of points split is the greatest positive multiple of the number of winners that is less than 8. If no such number exists, no points are awarded.

Rule 12-4-11
Game of Pure Skill

Winner receives 8 points.

Rule 12-4-2-1

Let N be the number of players in the game.

The highest ranked player gains a trophy, "The Scientist's Handbook" and 2(N-1) points. Each player in decreasing order gets two less points than the preceding player. If two players have the same number of game points but the next lower player with a different number of game points receives points as if they weren't tied. Last place will score 0 points.

Rule 12-7

Winner receives 3 points plus 1 point for each donkey they grabbed.

Rule 12-8-3
Winning a Hand

Chess Winner: +1 per swinger

Rule 12-8-4-1
The Benefits of Swinging

If anyone can explain this rule to me it would be much appreciated.

Rule 12-10

Primaries: +/- 6
Secondaries: +/- 3 (0 for forfeits)

Rule 1313

Whenever a Tornado sweeps through Acka, all active and vacationing players who are non-Sheltered are affected. The scores of all affected players shall be randomly reassigned among the affected players. In other words, the score of each affected player is placed in a pool, all affected players' scores are set to 0, a random score is chosen from the above pool, without replacement, and added to the score of a randomly chosen (without replacement) affected player, until the pool is exhausted. ("without replacement" means the randomly chosen entity may not be re-chosen for the duration of a single instance of this process, once it has been randomly chosen). If there are no affected players, the Tornado has no effect on players' scores as detailed previously in this paragraph. Sheltered players are always unaffected, in any case.

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