Ackanomic Player Scores

At the end of the 7th cycle, when Malenkai won by paradox with CFJ 269, at Sep 21, 19:59 EDT:

Score	Ackanomic Name   Status  Real Name
-----	--------------      ---  -------------
294	Malenkai             A   (Randy Hall) 
194	/dev/joe             A   (Joseph DeVincentis) 
119	Habeous Corpus       A   (Ed Graham)
87	Techno               A   (Jerome Herrman) 
75	IdiotBoy             A   (Matt Miller)
74	Guy Fawkes           A   (Robert Shimmin)
70	Niccolo Flychuck     A   (Uri Bruck) 
48	Bash                 A   (Erez Bashan)
41	Robin Hood           A   (R Shaw) 
38	this is not a name   A   (Mike Epstein) 
22	mr cwm               A   (Eric Murray) 
21	Bascule              A   (Matt Black) 
21	Uncle Sam            A   (Sam Peterson)
18	Brinjal              A   (Simon Clarke) 
18	skinny               A   (Shlomi Bernthal)
13	snowgod              A   (Phil Ackley) 
13	ThinMan              A   (John Bollinger) 
6	fnord                A   (Michael Thomas)
0	Calvin N Hobbes      A   (Thierry Joffrain)
0	fon                  I   (Adrian Smith) 
0	Robert Sevin         I   (Mitchell Harding) 
0	"Tim"                N   (Tim Carter)
-5	Pascal               I   (Jason Reed) 
-7	breadbox             A   (Brian Raiter)
-28	Wayne                A   (Wayne Sheppard) 
0 [1]	De'ghew              D   (John Spickes) 
85 [2]	Mellon               D   (Niklas Mellin)
-10 [3]	Geezer               D   (David Chapman)

Status: A=Active, N=New, V=Vacationing, IV=Involuntary Vacation, I=On Ice, D=Dead

[1]: Score when De'ghew quit at Sep 4 19:39 EDT [2]: Score when Mellon quit at Sep 16 10:02 EDT [3]: Score when geezer quit at Sep 18 16:53 EDT

Gnome Log:

Before P1118: Geezer became the gnome buddy with a score of -10.
Before P1134: Habeous Corpus became the gnome buddy with a score of -27.
Before P1160: breadbox became the gnome buddy with a score of -17.
Before P1198: Pascal became the gnome buddy at -5 because breadbox and
  Geezer were tied at -10.
Before P1200: Geezer became the gnome buddy at -10.
Before P1223: breadbox became gnome buddy at -7 when Geezer quit;
  then Wayne became gnome buddy at -31 by bothering the judges.

Point Log for the 7th cycle

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