Ackanomic Museum of Antiquities

The Museum is governed by rule 850

mr cwm Wing

snowgod (BV = A$275)

A The Really Big Blue Thing That Doesn't Do Much, Really (Boon)

Guy Fawkes (BV = A$216)

An Electronic Potato (Produced by the Machine that goes *ping*)

A Prosthetic Forehead

/dev/joe (BV = A$10)

A Prosthetic Forehead

Swann (BV = A$60)

An Evil Ballot Stuffer

mr cwm (BV = A$1004)

The Little Bag O' Chips Z
The Nonentity 137
The Tasteless Trinket of Timekeeping

fnord (BV = A$100)

The The statue of snowgod made entirely of Blue Jello recovered by fnord in Treasure Hunt 123

The West Wing and McCumber Annex are empty.

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