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Rule 5/0 : Serial Numbers
Every revisable object has a serial number unique for the set of objects of its type. The serial number of a revisable object of type T is defined as the intrerpolated string "n/r", where q is the sum of the base number for T and the object's number, and r is the object's revision number.

[[Example: The serial number for version 0 of Rule 101 would be 101/0, while the serial number for Rule 203, version 17 would be 203/17.]]

0. Initial Rules adopted, 02 Oct 2000 00:00:00

Rule 327/0 : No place like home
A Place is a special instance of Object, which has the additional variables 'position', 'Player-capacity' and 'Object-capacity'. A Place may hold a given number of Players and a given number of Objects, and may be owned by more than one Player at one time. Places may be subdivided, but only into subcatagories such as 'rooms' which belong strictly to that Place - this part of this rule supersedes the relevant part of the rule entitle 'Objects'.
0. Rule 327/0 created by Proposal 358/0, 01 Dec 2000 00:00:00

Rule 340/2 : Home Alone
A NomicHome is a particular instance of Place as defined by the relevant rule. Every Player in A Nomic automatically owns a NomicHome.

A NomicHome has the following properties, changable by the owner:

Location: initially NomicTown
Name: initially 's Home
Description: initially 'A boring house'
Contents: initially just the Player who is the owner of the NomicHome

All properties except Contents of a NomicHome can be assigned arbitary values, and the NomicHomes can be bought and sold in the same manner as any Object. Contents can only be modified by adding an Object elsewhere acquired, adding a Player with eir consent or removing an Object or Player already present.

To assign a new value to one or more properties of their NomicHome, a Player must post such modifications to any public forum, and these will be treated as a two-day unanimous consent motion [to allow for changes insulting anyone to be barred].

Anyone who quotes more than a sentance (or 10 words; minimum 4 words) of another Player's NomicHome description in their NomicHome description must pay that Player a fine of half the value of their NomicHome nweekly until they have submitted a modification to rectify the matter. [if you want the description, buy the home from the player!]

0. Rule 340/0 created by P380/0, 20 Jan 2001 00:00:00
1. Rule 340/0 amended by Proposal 417/0, 10 Mar 2001 00:00:00
2. Rule 340/1 amended by Proposal 418/0, 10 Mar 2001 00:00:00

Rule 349/0 : Inheritance
Any Objects owned by a Player at the time when e forfeits or is removed become property of the Bank.
0. Rule 349/0 created by P397/0, 19 Feb 2001 00:00:00

Rule 360/0 : Micropayment
Pennies are Objects. One Penny is worth 1/100 Point, one Point is worth 100 Pennies.

Whenever an Agent owns 100 or more Pennies, 100 of eir Pennies are destroyed and one Point is created in eir posession. This process is repeated until the Agent owns less than 100 Pennies.

Whenever an Agent transfers a number of Pennies larger than the number of Pennies in eir posession, one of eir Points is destroyed and 100 Pennies are created in eir posession until e has sufficient Pennies. The transfer is impossible if the Agent does not have the required number of Points.

If an Agent is required to make a payment to another Agent that contains a fractional part, and the rule that governs the payment does not state that the amount should be rounded, e shall pay the fractional part in Pennies.

Values, scores, etc. shall be written as the the amount of Points plus the amount of Pennies/100.

[[ For example 8 points, 4 Pennies are written 8 + 4/100 = 8.04 ]]

0. Rule 360/0 created by P424/0, 10 Mar 2001 00:00:00

Rule 361/0 : Item Purchase
Items owned by the Bank may be purchased by agents if a purchase price is defined in the Rules. The act of purchasing transfers the purchase price in points from the purchaser to the Bank, and the item from the Bank to the purchaser. An agent may not purchase an an item from the Bank if e does not own the purchase price in points.
0. Rule 361/0 created by P429/0, 10 Mar 2001 00:00:00

Rule 362/0 : The Stamp of Failure
The Stamp of Failure is a transferable object. Initially it is owned by the Bank. If the Stamp of Failure is owned by the bank it may be purchased from the Bank at a price of 50 points.

The owner of the Stamp of Failure, but not the Bank, may use it during the nweekly voting to Fail one ballot item. The effect is the same as if the ballot item had failed due to the number of votes cast against it. This use of the Stamp of Failure transfers ownership of the Stamp to the Bank.

0. Rule 362/0 created by P429/0, 10 Mar 2001 00:00:00

Rule 363/0 : The Stamp of Theft
The Stamp of Theft is a transferable object. Initially it is owned by the Bank. The Stamp of Theft has a purchase price of 60 points.

The owner of the Stamp of Theft, but not the Bank, may Stamp one item in the posession of another agent, but not the bank, as an action takin in the Public Forum. Ownership of the Stamped object is transfered to the Stamper. This use of the Stamp tranfers ownership of it to the Bank.

0. Rule 363/0 created by P429/0, 10 Mar 2001 00:00:00

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