10 January 2007

mkhexgrid 0.1.1 Released!

Version 0.1.1 fixes several bugs found in 0.1.0.

30 December 2006

mkhexgrid added to FreeBSD Ports

mkhexgrid is now available through the FreeBSD ports system. Thanks to Aaron Dalton for submitting it.

6 August 2006

mkhexgrid 0.1.0 Released!

The first version of mkhexgrid has been released. Windows and Linux binaries as well as the source code may be downloaded below. Please report any bugs or irregularities to

What is mkhexgrid?

mkhexgrid is a small command-line program which generates hexagonal grids of the sort used for strategy games. Hex grids can be created as PNG or SVG images, and as PostScript. Virtually every aspect of the output can be be adjusted—from grid line thickness and color, to style and size of hex centers, to the style and position of hex coordinates. mkhexgrid makes it simple to create whatever hex grid you need.

mkhexgrid is free, open-source software, written by Joel Uckelman, and is made available under the GPL. mkhexgrid is written in C++ and should run on most platforms in use today.


Linked here is sample output from mkhexgrid, along with the spec files which produced that output.

example 1 example 2 example 3
e1.spec e2.spec e3.spec



Filename Size MD5 Checksum
mkhexgrid-0.1.1 10 January 2007
Windows 1384456 9637bd287cab51ce71ee0ae96c9ca2c2
Linux mkhexgrid-0.1.1-1.i386.rpm 79232 fd6f8486c5b59b1ed04079a7cc238b4b
FreeBSD Use FreeBSD Ports.
Mac OS X Use Fink.
Source mkhexgrid-0.1.1-1.src.rpm 34812 1ca92499ab67ef17b891965f0765430c
mkhexgrid-0.1.1.src.tar.bz2 29226 5a0bdedbee65c97144288cd91e4415db
mkhexgrid-0.1.1.src.tar.gz 31800 e5dded865e65f766942a222b9235cb06 41023 66412f797f31fe23861e091882b47098
mkhexgrid-0.1.0 6 August 2006
Windows 1383588 9d8d51e1b06a6a227f7c2c54e43ed2f3
Linux mkhexgrid-0.1.0-1.i386.rpm 73696 2119231dcae4b7a3e11b7929019c639d
Source mkhexgrid-0.1.0-1.src.rpm 32295 b03cad90c6d8857de3891b5f5014e85b
mkhexgrid-0.1.0.src.tar.bz2 26675 d301b88cddec88babd53b29ca389cade
mkhexgrid-0.1.0.src.tar.gz 29355 b542a24f10ff98968cc9077c2e02dda4 35798 dfd03547173b9bb779645f02951fd9a7