Welcome to the first game of Blind Nomic! Based on Peter Suber's Nomic rules and related to Imperial Nomic, the rules of Blind Nomic are simple...you just don't know what they are.
If you want to play, send email to Geppetto and you'll be on your way. And be sure to check back here from time to time in case anything changes. Nomic is built on change, and this game is no exception.
(Last update: 9 June 1997)

Current Game Status
It's being played. New players welcome!
Number of absolutely unmodifiable rules: zero
The following information is now available:
Rule Statuses Information about existing rules, such as may be available
Player Statuses Information about players
Guidelines Policies I feel I'm allowed -- nay, compelled -- to tell you
Zodiac Feel free to speculate...
Blind Nomic now has a Mailing List, courtesy of Moonchilde. You can join the mailing list by sending mail to majordomo@dragoncat.net with the words "subscribe blindnom" in the body of the message.

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