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320/0 "Posts, Posts, everywhere posts." (Mutable, Entirely Void)

In regards to the subject line for all posts to (pending passage)

1)Subject lines mustbegin with atopic designator as listed below:

a) Restricted topic designators: Posts made by players who have regular responsibilities (whether official or unofficial) concerning those responsibilities.

[a] - (Game) Administrator (Score, Turn results, Declaration of Passage)
[m] - Mogul (updates or info on the TPB)
[s] - Server Administrator (Server status)

b) Open topic designators. (Should be used by all. IOW: Server Administrator should not use [s] if commenting on a proposal.)

[c] - Commentary on the current proposal(s)
[d] - Discussion on a possible proposal
[j] - Judgement issues
[p] - Offical proposal
[v] - Vote on a proposal

c) Additional topic designators:

[g] - Game announcements (league)
[q] - Question (May append Open topic designator(s) above if in regard to someone/something (IOW [qa])))
[t] - Team posts and team relevant information
[o] - Talking commentary that doesn't fall into anything above.

2) Any subject line that uses an Open topic designator must be immediately followed by the name or proposal # of the rule that the post is referring to.

3) Followup discussion shall occur with a simple "Reply" command. The mail system will maintain the headers to aid in maintining the discussion thread.

4) This rule can be amended in conjuction with the creation of other rules that necessitate other topic delimiters. For this action alone, this rule takes precedence over rule 111.

Last modified 19 July 1999

Created by Eric Wald