Three Rivers Nomic Association
Team Rule Class (I-IV-II)

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210/0 (Mutable)

Players may not conspire or consult on the making of future rule-changes unless they are team-mates. The first paragraph of this rule does not apply to games by mail or computer.


304/0 (Mutable)

One or more players may at any time constitute a team, as follows:

(a) A team must have team colours, which must consist of not less than two nor more than three colours from this list: Yellow, White, Gold, Silver, Pewter, Red, Blue, Black, Green, Purple, Orange, Teal. Furthermore, not less than one of a team's colours must be Yellow, White, Gold, Silver, or Pewter.

(b) A team must have a name which is either an English agentive noun (e.g. Maulers, Killers, Flamers, Raiders), an English noun referencing an animal (e.g. Panthers, Lions, Earwigs), or an English noun referencing an occupation (e.g. Doctors, Rangers, Pirates).

(c) A player may only join a team by petitioning during their turn, and said petition is valid unless vetoed by a current member of that team during the same turn. Such a petition must be issued prior to, or in the same post as, any rule change proposals made by the player that turn.

(d) If a player joins a team which currently has no other members, he must, in so doing, inform the other players of his new team's colours and name.

(e) No team may have the same name as any other team, nor may it have the same list of colours as any other team.

(f) When the last member of a team leaves the team, the team ceases to exist.

Last modified 29 June 1999

Created by Eric Wald