Three Rivers Nomic Association
Scoring Rule Class (I-V)

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112/0 (Immutable)

The state of affairs that constitutes winning may not be altered from achieving n points to any other state of affairs. The magnitude of n and the means of earning points may be changed, and rules that establish a winner when play cannot continue may be enacted and (while they are mutable) be amended or repealed.


204/0 (Mutable)

If and when rule-changes can be adopted without unanimity, the players who vote against winning proposals shall receive 10 points each.


206/0 (Mutable)

When a proposed rule-change is defeated, the player who proposed it loses 10 points.


313/1 "Winning, Losing and Why We Care." (Mutable)

The winner(s) are the Player(s), Team or other entity recognized by the ruleset and able to accumulate points to control in excess of 50% of the points which currently exist.

A team's point total is defined as the sum of the point total of it's members. (Including negative scores)

Calculation: The total number of points which exist, for the purpose of this rule, is the sum of the following:
1. Player scores.
a. The sum of all non-negative player scores.
2. Team scores.
b. The sum of all team member's player scores divided by the number of team members. (average member score)

Why we care:
Winners must taunt and ridicule non-winners, (within the accepted game custom), within 72 hours of the winning conditions having been met. Failure to do so results in the winning Players' scores being rounded down to the nearest prime less than their current score.


314/1 "Definition of Turns" (Mutable)

One turn consists of three parts in this order: (1) for one calendar week, each player may propose one rule-change; (2) players vote on all rule-changes proposed; and (3) the player taking the turn receives a number of points equal to the number of favorable votes received by his or her proposal, if any.
Once voting starts, proposals and votes may not be changed.

Last modified 29 June 1999

Created by Eric Wald