Three Rivers Nomic Association
Player Rule Class (I-IV-I)

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113/0 (Immutable)

A player always has the option to forfeit the game rather than continue to play or incur a game penalty. No penalty worse than losing, in the judgment of the player to incur it, may be imposed.


306/1 "Who's On First?" (Mutable)

Players shall alternate in alphabetical order by surname, with the exception of those added during the current round of play. New players shall take their turns in the order in which they joined the game, after all players who began the round have had their turns. On subsequent rounds, everyone shall have their turn in normal alphabetical order.

Players may pass their turns, but shall be assessed a 2-point penalty for doing so. Parts of turns may not be skipped. All players shall begin the game with zero points.


315/0 "Player Status" (Mutable)

Each player has a status which is one of the following: Active, Inactive, or Withdrawn. Changes in Player Activity Status occur at the end of each player turn after all other business for the player turn has been completed.

For purposes of this rule, actively casting a vote is defined as posting to the mailing list a legal vote by the player in question and specifically excludes automatic abstentions caused by failure to cast a vote and team determined votes.

Active: Players who actively cast any vote on a proposal during the current player turn shall have the Player Activity Status of Active.

Inactive: Players who have not actively cast any vote on a proposal during the previous 6 or more player turns, including the current turn, shall have the Player Activity Status of Inactive. Inactive players may not hold Tri-Nomic Offices.

Withdrawn: Players may voluntarily withdraw from Tri-Nomic and may do so by posting to the mailing list. They shall have the Player Activity Status of Withdrawn. Withdrawn players, forfeit all Tri-Nomic Offices, Items, Entities, and titles they possess to the TNA Bank, or other Tri-Nomic entity they specify as beneficiary at the time they withdraw. They do not receive player turns, and are not counted as players for scoring purposes. They may rejoin Tri-Nomic at the conclusion of any complete player turn.


321/0 "Ever Feel Like a Puppet?" (Mutable)

Each real person participating in Three Rivers Nomic controls an entity called an player. Players may vote whenever a vote is taken unless otherwise specified. Players may own other entities but may not be owned. When a rule refers to a person, it is understood to refer to the player which that person controls.

Any person without a player in Three Rivers Nomic may add a player which that person will control, by stating a desire to play in Three Rivers Nomic. This player is then given a name identical to that of the person who added it.


322/0 "Generic Universal Nomic Stats" (Mutable)

Each player of Three Rivers Nomic has the following statistics: Strength, Health, Dexterity, Intelligence. The range and values of the statistics may be determined by other rules or by game custom.

Last modified 7 July 1999

Created by Eric Wald