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Entity Rule Class (I-IV)

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312/0 "The Tri-Nomic Proposal Bank" (Mutable)

There exist an entity known as the Tri-Nomic Proposal Bank, hereinafter referred to as TPB. The TPB is a repository for potential proposals. The TPB will operate in the following manner:

1. The manager of the TPB is known as the Mogul. They are responsible for the following actions in addition to any other actions required by the rules:

a. Maintaining a publicly available listing [[either on a web page, or by using their own system of filing]] of all proposals in the TPB including the name of the Player who deposited the Proposal, the time of deposit, and the name of the proposal.

b. Removing Proposals which are older than six months or are otherwise unsuitable [[for example if something similar has already been proposed or if they contradict current rules]]. Removal of Proposals by the Mogul will be at the their discretion.

2. The Mogul will be elected by a simple majority vote of all active Players and will continue in their duties until they are removed by a recall of a simple majority of votes by active Players or they choose to abdicate their office. If the office is empty an immediate election shall be held.

3. Any Player may add a Proposal to the TPB, not to exceed a total of 4 of their own Proposals in the TPB, or delete any number of their own proposals from the TPB at any time by informing the mailing list of their desired action.

4. Proposals added to the TPB will be kept in time received order based on the mailing list time/date of the deposit.

5. During their turn, a Player may take any Proposal out of the TPB and use it as their official Proposal for their turn, and the proposal cannot be modified after being removed form the TPB. The Mogul will then remove that proposal from the TPB.

6. In the event that a Player fails to make a Proposal during their turn within three days [[or whatever time limit may be set by other rules]], the oldest proposal in the TPB will become their official Proposal. If a Player passes, then no action will be taken by the TPB.

7. Points will be awarded to Players in the following manner for use of a TPB proposal.

a. Whenever a Proposal is removed from the TPB and used by a Player, that Player will receive all points or penalties that come from that Proposal's passage or defeat.

b. The Player who placed the Proposal in the bank will receive one half of the points or penalties from the Proposals passage or defeat. [[This could be considered interest on the deposit]]

c. If the Player who removed the Proposal from the TPB is also the same Player who deposited the Proposal, then they shall only gain or lose points as provided in 7a. They will not receive points under 7b.


319/0 "Sure, blame it all on the technology" (Mutable)

There exists a game entity known as the Robot. The Robot is an eligible voter, but not a player. Whenever the Robot may vote, the following _DICE_ delimited text shall be sent by email to "". If the result is 1, then the Robot shall vote in favor. If the result is 2, then the Robot shall vote against. If the result is 3, then the Robot shall abstain from voting. Otherwise, the Robot shall call for a vote on the removal from office of each Public Officer.

#S 3
#D 1
#R 1
#T Robot vote


324/0 "To be or not to be" (Mutable)

Within Three Rivers Nomic there exist entities. No Tri-nomic entity may affect the universe outside of a nomic. In general, entities are controlled by real people who exist outside the game, by other entities within the game, or by a random factor such as the roll of dice. Unless otherwise specified by the rules, an entity may not own or be owned by other entities, may not vote, and is controlled by real people outside of the game.

If any entity performs an action which is not in accordance with the rules as they currently exist (interpreted in accordance with currently accepted game custom) then that action has no effect on the game state.

Last modified 16 July 1999

Created by Eric Wald