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Proposal Information for Eric

Exists: No
Created: by Kelly at 18:00:34 30th December 2003 GMT.
Description: Modified RemoveHeater
Expires 18:00:34 15th January 2004 GMT
This is the same proposal as RemoveHeater, modified slightly to make it passable (i.e. consistent with the current rule set)

Remove the following rules from the gamestate:
-Rule 13 SpaceHeater
-Rule 24 MirrorState
-Rule 26 Burning Vertices
-Rule 32 Raincloud

Replace the following *-delimited text of rule 22 with the following ^-delimited text:

*transfers a certain number of money units to nowhere. If the burning state of the vertex is true, then this number is 64; otherwise, the number is 32.*

^transfers 32 money units to nowhere.^


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