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Proposal Information for InverseSquare

Exists: No
Created: by Robert at 23:50:20 5th October 2003 GMT.
Description: vertices give players money
Expires 23:50:20 21st October 2003 GMT
New Rule: InverseSquare
Color: the color of sand, because the graph of the function f(x) = 1/(x^2+1) has the same shape as a sand dune.

If infinitely many vertices have players as owners, then this rule has no effect. Otherwise, for each player P:
Let {x_1, x_2, ..., x_n} be the set of every vertex of Space that has a player as owner.

Each day at 21:00 GMT, each player gains from nowhere a number of money units equal to the average [ 2/(d_1^2+2) + 2/(d_2^2+2) + ... + 2/(d_n^2+2) ]/n, where d_i represents the graphwise distance from that player's location to x_i.

[I know that this rule makes all other existing means of gaining money insignificant, but it also makes vertices affordable. Note also that there is not much room for positive inflation in this income stream because the average is taken rather than the sum. (But there may be negative inflation.)]


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