Rule 440


amends 411


Hold Status


At any time, a Player shall be in one of two mutually exclusive states: Active or On Hold. A Player is Active unless otherwise stated or implied by the rules.

A player On Hold may not take, or be required to take, any game actions unless those actions are specifically permitted to or required of players On Hold. This rule takes precedence over any mutable rule which specifies the actions permitted to or required of players in general.

The Speaker shall be appointed to all Offices which are not held by Michael, Karl, or Bill. All players except Michael, Karl, and Bill are On Hold. No player shall be removed from Hold status.

This Rule takes precedence over all mutable Rules.


[This rule resulted from the exploitation of rule 333, which enabled the Speaker to set the date of distribution to be whatever he liked, thus shortening the voting period arbitrarily. - Michael]


Karl Anderson


submitted Mon, 8 Aug 94 17:24 PDT

distributed Mon, 01 Aug 1994 15:34:22 PDT

Voting record

Michael		FOR
Karl		FOR