Rule 428


Amends 359


Default rules for voting


When a Rule calls for an issue to be decided by a vote, this Rule shall be used. This Rule defers to the Rule calling for the vote on all details of how the vote shall be held.

  1. A vote is to be run by a votekeeper. If the Rule or Resolution which calls for the vote does not specify the votekeeper, the votekeeper shall be the Speaker.
  2. At the beginning of the voting period, the votekeeper must announce both the issue being voted on and when the voting period ends.
  3. A vote shall be run over the 7 consecutive days starting at the date and time the vote was announced.
  4. If the Rule calling for the vote does not specify the valid choices, or if no such Rule exists, then the votekeeper must specify the valid choices when announcing the vote.
  5. Every Player in the game is eligible to vote and may cast exactly one vote.
  6. Votes are cast by telling the votekeeper what issue is being voted on and which of the valid choices is being voted for.
  7. It is the duty of the votekeeper to record and tabulate the votes. Votes may not be changed once cast.
  8. The votekeeper may not reveal any votes until the end of the voting period.
  9. When the voting period finishes, the votekeeper shall announce how each Player voted and the result of the vote. This announcement must be made as soon as possible after the conclusion of the voting period.
  10. The voting period finishes when the allotted time expires or when all possible votes have been cast, whichever comes first.
  11. A decision shall be considered made only if more than half of the votes cast are for one option.
  12. If the number of votes cast is less than quorum, the vote has failed to decide the issue.
  13. Quorum is 20% of the possible votes.





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Voting record

Jim		FOR
Michael		FOR